How to change effects on SMART Digital led Wings - from ETEREshop

Today I begin a series of articles about our the best product for oriental dance - SMART LED light up rainbow isis wings. (Sorry for the long name - our SEO work:)

We worked with this is project for a long time, and still work on it right now. We have full functional wings with different numbers of leds - 165, 330 or 510 pcs. We use best type of wires - super flexible and light. Also we use matt leds 5mm and transparent wings.
But most difficult and important - control system. Now we have firmware  version 3.01 - but every months we think how do it more friendly and easy to use for our clients.
I can long to tell what is a good system - because i developer and I have to brag about, but now talk about another - how to change effects:

For do it we need next:

  1. Laptop or PC
  2. Micro SD card reader
  3. Internet connection
  4. Text editor
First you must open configuration page in web browser, when you place order - trade manager give you zip file with all needed info - but also you can open This is our company legal web page with all legal data for our government. At the bottom of the main page you can find links Wings 165 and Wings 330  - maybe now you can find some else links - this is post can be old. When you open the page - you can find all newest firmwares and configuration files.

Configuration page for Wings with 165 leds

But most important - you can find pages for creating your own effects. I show how do it on movie, but before we need prepare SD card.

Connect SD card to laptop and open file config.txt in text editor, you can find some thing like this: 

Do not worry - it's not so difficult
On the picture marked numbers of effects from 0 to 9

Here i mark names of effects
Here i mark config data of each effect

Мost important - correct numbering of effects, all effects have numbers from 0 to 99. If you need 7 effects then you need to make 7 lines with numbering and technical symbols like on example:

Very attentive to the spelling

Next step open some effect from the config page:
Color scroll effect
Effect preview 
Text box with effect configuration data (copy from here)

Some available modes for effect

Some config faders

Color config - for change, delete and add colors to effect,  double-click to select color
There is no difference what kind of effect you open - they all work the same way you change the settings - and in a text box, changes the contents of the effect. You copy the contents of the text box and paste it into your config.txt file from SD card- in the right place. After finish - save config file on SD card, and put card to controller.
I copy effect configuration data on first place with number 0:

And for the end - video example for wings with 330 leds:

Thanks for your watching and follow US

P.S. Some time i rewrite files on our server with configuration page. This is reason for mistakes in work, please contact your trade manager or me, and we help you!!!

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