Led Light Up Video Screen Fashion Disco Jacket - WTF?

This is small history how we start make Led Jackets...

Many times I try to start write some blog about our products, every time i could not find the time or  anything and said to myself - later. But today - i had to start.

For beginning - sorry for my english - i am just learning.

I think about first theme for post, and find some idea about company: how we begin, who we are, from where we and etc. This is really interesting posts, but i start from small history about our product Di-led jacket.

We think about create this is nice fashion jacket from summer 2014, but a lot of work has taken all possible time. I prepared some sketches and schemes and put project in a box for better time.

Better time come before New Year 2014 - we found client from France, This customer has believed in us and placed an order for two jackets - SUN and STAR.

SUN design
STAR design

It was a very good customer, I am very grateful for ordering, patience & understanding. 
Initial task was to create a simple-to-use jacket. Customer musician and wanted to work with a set of 15 minutes and sometimes switching effects. The effects have been mild and did not divert attention from music. Voice activation is not required. Very serious attention to quality. Tours do not allow time for repair and return. That's why we have considered all the wishes and got to work.

In the diagram, it looked much easier. We worked day and night, and even when we sleep - we dreamed about work ...

We delayed creating jackets from 2 week to 2 months. Lot of trouble happened in this is time - i write here some most important:
  • we twice change type of wires after full soldering
  • we change schematic of power lines
  • we change PWM driver in controller for fix noise in long led chains
  • we demount some leds after gluing
  • fixing original ZARA jacket after our "work" 
All this is things we find in creating - first make some product - normal need lot of time. But this order we have done for a long time, only one person can work in one time - this is bad for save time.

As a result we have made and sent to the customer. That we sent to client:

Led Fashion jacket - STAR design around 400 leds

Led Fashion jacket - SUN design around 500 leds

In our opinion it was all good. But less than a week before the using - first failure. We were very upset - but it happens. The client sent us a suit for repairs and small Amendments. What happens and what we change based on new expirience you can read in next post.

P.S. You might be thinking - what a stupid title of the article ??? 
Not exactly, our CEO has obliged me to use keywords in the article. Robots will read these words and this will help you easily find our blog! And here these words: Led Jacket, Light Up Jacket, Fashion Jacket, Disco Jacket, Glow Jacket, Glowing Jacket, DJ Jacket, Video Jacket, Screen Jacket, Led light Jacket

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