What happened to our LED video jacket after a few performances? Part 2

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For anyone who are just reading this article for the first time - is the second part, the first part you can read here - Led Light Up Video Screen Fashion Disco Jacket - WTF?

What happened???
The customer wrote that the suit stopped working, we were very interested in what happened ... in my head are born bad thoughts - burned controller (a new technology), broken wire between the LEDs (we changed them twice during the new creation), burned LEDs (should not be - but may, if the power to make a mistake).
But it was much better than I could have imagined - has been broken DATA wire. He was torn in the area between the left and right side of his jacket, a wire was torn in the middle. It's very good - because the weakest points in the wire - is the point of soldering, as well as the wire broke in the middle - is a consequence negligence of the client and not a defect of the assembly. Of course this is partly our fault - we hid the wire badly or make it too short, but of all the possible problems occurred most simple.

Look how many wires inside!!!
It is not surprising that it is possible to tear off the wire - a lot of them
Despite that we hide everything inside

We quickly repaired and checked jacket - everything was fine. After that we called a meeting and started thinking - what can we do better?

After long discussions, we decided that we can do better next:
  1. Power system
  2. Type of wire
  3. Patch

1. In jacket we use digital LED's with 5 volt power, client specify Li-pol battery 11.1 Volt like a main battery.
Li-pol battery 11.1V 2.8 Amp/H
 For change power voltage we use 12V DC to 5V DC converter. This is easy way for charge  just one battery.
DC converter
But when you try fly to another country with jacket - most of airplane company not accept Li-pol battery - for safety reason. Also converter not small and hot in work time. But most important efficiency - when we change 12V to 5V - we lost 7V or 58% of power on heat generation.
 We decided use normal Ni-mg rechargeable batteries,  efficiency 100%, best price for each Amp/h and easy to find in any country.
Ni-Mn power system 5V 11 Amp/H
One difference - the controller power must be divided. When all LED's glow in white - suit need lot of power and battery work very hard! For this is reason voltage in some moment can fall below 5 volts.
Power bank 5V 3Amp/H - just for power controller
If voltage less than 5V controller begins to go into a reboot. Just for fix this we use power bank 5V(same like for charge phone). This is not easy - because need one more battery - but this is the best way. You have stable power for controller and jacket work from 3V to 6V.

2. After thinking we decide change type of wire. Before we use normal type copper wire - with 9 conductor inside flexible cover, with total size 0.15 square mm. This is good wire and we usualy use them in creating led suits, but for jacket - to hard.
How you can see - fabric starts to bend like waves
We use this is type of wire because it very good transmit power to all leds.
But we find better solution!
In our led Isis wings we use very special wires.  These wires are used in aviation and produced only in our country. Inside Teflon shell located 32 copper conductor. Wire thickness is only 0.07 square millimeters. Wire incredible flexible and durable - but more expensive. To use this wire we had to completely rework the power system - add the main wire - transmitted many amps of current. The suit got the power distribution system - like a tree, where the batteries - the trunk, the leaves - it's LEDs, and the branches - a wires.
Tree type power system on our jackets
As result we create stable power system with super easy and flexible wires. Also new wires more easy and look better!
Circle in the middle just 10mm diameter, look on wires size
All place of soldering are filled with epoxy resin
We removed web of of wires, now everything looks much better

 3. Last change in Patch. When we finish first suits we start create some effects for them and find one trouble. For circle effects we need  the number of beams that is divisible by 12, but our first examples different. Because of this we were not able to make some beautiful effects. This fix was easy, we have corrected the drawings from the beginning and remake on them new models.
First path
After edition
How it look on first suit
How it look now, also more leds

This is video of first model:

This is video example of some testing newest jacket - you can easy find difference:

Thank you for reading from all our team - ETEREshop!!!

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