How to repair Led Decorative Corset from ETERESHOP !!!

Good day my friends!

My last article has been writing a long time ago. I had a small vacation. During this time we are very much to do and I just try to write more, and start with the simplest...
Some time before one our client receive order - Led Decorative Corset. This is client order two corset for special event. But after receiving client try use corsets and find trouble:
First Corset
Second Corset
Normally all orders come without trouble, for this is reason, we give to clients possibility to exchange goods on new one - if they come like now. But this is client don't have time for exchange, and want to receive some expirience in repairing.
We are very happy to help with it - and we create some short(not so) manual:
How you can see - some parts not work :(
For fix you need: Solder iron, solder, wire, wire cutter and repair parts from kit
Usually we have just two different reason of trouble - damaged layer  on led strip
Or damaged resistor
First we fix led strip - without resistor
Cut and take of damaged part 
Replace for new one from repair kit 
Prepare back side 
Add solder to the solder points
On two sides
And strip on corset too
Cut two pieces shrinkage
Put shrinkage on led strip
Solder strips ends together
Be careful solder + to + and, GND to GND
Cover solder points by shrinkage
Solder second end
And cover it
First trouble we already fix. Same way to fix if you damage separate led or some part of strip - just replace it.

You can see - broke connection between two parts of strip
 This is bad type of trouble - because it must happens after some time in some flexible places. It normal because we use led strip for create this is corset. All type of strips must broke after long time bending. We just show how to fix it!

Now not work
But if you touch - can start glow!
First we prepare wires - add solder to ends 
Solder wires to the broke part of strip 
Solder to +12 and GND points
If done - must look like this
Next step find same voltage point on work part of corset
Solder wire to this is point
And other wire too - but to different point
Plastic holder
Fix wires
And cut end
In total we repair it!!!

Now we have full functional corset:

We don't have movie with single color corset, for this is reason i show you model with digital LEDs.

Thank you for reading from all our team - ETEREshop!!!

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P.S.This is manual help and client repair corsets :) 

Light Solutions ETERE

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