Pixel Curtain from ETEREshop. Story of creation!

    Our products are not rarely sent abroad, this time the order came from Bahrain. Our customer has his own dance club, he was looking for a unique solution to fence off the VIP zone.
    We offered a unique solution, to block out the VIP zone with the help of LED curtains. It forms an amazing atmosphere around itself. Light effects attract people’s attention from the outside and allow people inside fully enjoy the atmosphere.
    As LEDs, decorating the curtain, we used NeoPixel. To control the process we decided to use Stand Alone controller based on Cortex M3. This was one of the first projects in which was used our own management system.
    The problem with which we were facing was the power distribution. We had the task, to distribute the power supply in such way that the client didn’t have any problems in the use process. It took a lot of effort, but we solved the problem. Unfortunately at the moment information about our solution of the problem is a commercial secret of our company.
    Curtains already work without problems for several years. Video with this light solution, especially for you, I put at the end of the article, have an enjoyable viewing!

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Light Solutions ETERE

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