LED Cones from ETEREshop. Story of creation!

   We not always develop LED solutions to order, the idea with LED cones came to us spontaneously. We had time and resources, so we thought, “Why not?”
   Our goal was to make 50 cones, based on which we decided to use 50-watt spotlights. As a control system, we decided to use DMX. It was easy to control the whole process with the help of the remote control. A lot of different effects and at the same time ease of use, this was our main task.
   The projectors were manufactured by ourselves using high-power LEDs, but lenses and DMX dimmers we had to purchase.
   We have gotten an interesting experience for ourselves, after which we decided to abandon wired and switch to radio data transmission. Our idea was worth our efforts after all our LED cones were rented repeatedly for various events!
   Thank you for your time, the video of the events is below, have an enjoyable viewing!

Light Solutions ETERE

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