LED fence from ETEREshop. Story of creation!

    LED fence can be bravely called one of the first LED solutions in the field of the decoration of the premises. Guys who know a lot about nightlife – club from Minsk Dozari – decided to diversify the decor and contact with us.
    Especially for them, we developed a mobile LED lighting for a DJ table. The LED fence was 3 meters per meter. It was compact and easily folded like an accordion.
    Thanks to SMART LEDs, that we used, we received a bunch of lighting effects. And as a management system, we decided to use Madrix. It almost has no analogs in the world and it has programmed an incredible number of effects.
    The order was urgent and we prepared all within 2 weeks. Thanks to a solid basis, there was no problems and even after a few years, the LED fence continues its work. Just below prepared a video specifically for you!

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Light Solutions ETERE

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