Mariina Roscha Club. LED desing story!

   It was an interesting case. The guys from the Marina Roshcha wrote to us. They wanted to make themselves a highlight in the club. Something inexpensive and that looked good.
   They had a problem with the ceiling, it was an office type and they were looking for an interesting solution to transform it into something amazing.
   To solve the problem, we decided to use SMART tape. By placing the tape at the seams, along with the squares that underlie the ceiling, we achieved an interesting visual effect.
   The matter is left to management. We are the official supplier of Madrix in Belarus, this program has no analogs, so we decided on it. The guys from Maryina Roshcha were engaged in assembling, and we advised them.
   Despite the tight deadlines, together we ended up on time. The customer received exactly what he wanted and was satisfied. For several years already, the installed LED equipment has been in working order!

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Light Solutions ETERE

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