New 3D mirror mask collection!

     A new solution from our designer will allow you to try on a new, unique image. The mirror mask has an amazing property. It changes its character depending on the clothes that are on you. It can cause a feeling of joy, mystery, fear and even sexual attraction.

    Mirror bunny mask easily draws attention to the people. On the street, at a festival, in a dance show, you easily gather the views of people. In a new image, you can easily collect around people wishing to take pictures and post a new photo on the Instagram!

     Masks are made of a durable acrylic mirror that does not break when falling. They are comfortable. In masks, it's easy to navigate and you can even dance.

   We plan to release a whole collection of mirror masks of various animals. The size of masks is also variable. Want to get a cat mask for a child? Just let us know!

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Light Solutions ETERE

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