Mirror Snake 3D mask – Cobra style from ETEREshop

Mirror Snake 3D mask – Cobra style from ETEREshop


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The snake mask is an light and convenient product. It’s made from Italian acrylic mirror, that weight less than a simple one.

Reflection from the mirror will give more visual effect in combination with fire, light. This will help the mask look expensive anyway at a low price.

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What you will get:

For personal use:

The head of the snake will help you to look awesome in any event. The golden color of the mirror perfectly combines with any skin color. The less you wear, the more spectacular look!

Performance group:

A mask made of an acrylic mirror is capable of reflecting incoming light without refraction. Using this effect and stage equipment, you can create stunning lighting effects!

Event group:

Combine the mask with other clothes and get a new look. The mask is universal and suitable for any artist. A spectacular look will attract people’s attention

Why you need:

Design: We made a mask in gold. This gave her an expensive look. And the shape of the mirror resembles the scales of a snake.

Italian mirror: The Italian mirror is of high quality. It has two colors: gold, silver. And several forms: round, square, triangular, etc

Unisex: This model is suitable for any size of the head and is unisex.

Comfort: The light weight of the main material and the acrylic mirror does not weigh the product, which makes it convenient and long to wear a mask on the head.

Dear looks: The head of the Cobra has an expensive appearance and is also available to any artist.

Guarantee: Positive feedback is the guarantee of the quality of our products. We value every customer and want to build long-term relationships.

Repair kit: the repair kit will help to quickly solve the problem or a minor defect. And our support service is always in touch


Why buy from us:

We build partnerships with each client. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days, and we will sell it. Or we will replace it with a similar product.

The head of the cobra is easy to operate and maintain. If minor defects occur, they can be easily removed using a repair kit.
The company “ETEREshop” provides a warranty and a kit for the repair of its products. We also have technical support that will help you if necessary.

High-quality product:
We produce the high-quality product. In the end, our main goal is not earnings, but the creation of long-term relationships.

Positive reviews:
Positive feedback is a guarantee of the quality of our products. We value every customer and want to build long-term relationships.



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