Help Ukrainian refugees with ETEREshop

Our company employs guys from different countries, and no one remains indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine now. We try to help in every way those who need help, people who had to leave their homes, those left without work, lost animals. You can help too.

Nine months ago, our team was replenished with one wonderful employee. Katya from Ukraine is still there today.

She is an amazing person and specialist, thanks to her we have created a large number of beautiful works, many of which you see almost every day in our stories on Instagram.

Before the start of the tragic events in Ukraine, we developed costumes for the new collection together. Katya is unable to work at the moment as she had to leave her home and be in a safer place.

To support her morally, we decided to show you sketches of future costumes. We really want to make costumes according to her sketches and bring to life what was created by her hands.

We send 10 percent of all sold products according to her sketches to help Ukrainians. By buying these products, you are helping refugees from Ukraine and our employee Katya.

We believe that peace will come soon and Katya will continue to work with us and create incredible products for you!


Collection "Circles"

Dresses and wings made of LED circles. We have a whole collection that we have developed, but we can also assemble absolutely any shape. The LEDs located on the circle are fully controllable. Circles have several diameters, so many shapes and variations of dresses, skirts and accessories can be laid out from them.

They are strong enough, but light, so you can dance in these products, move actively and not be afraid for the integrity of the product.

LED wings look quite saturated and transparent at the same time. The LEDs are located only on one side, but you can also make a double version so that the wings glow on the other side.

See what wonderful sketches Katya created for this collection!

Just look at those wings!

You can choose any of the existing options, or we can make your own design for you.

We have created our first circle dress prototype. See what it looks like:

We have created our first virtual character. Look how our circle collection looks on it!

LED Flowers

This product has long been one of the most popular in our store. Spring is coming and we decided to add design options for this product.


We chose two completely different flowers in shape: Lily and Iris. The colors of the fabric can be as in the sketches, or we can choose a color palette especially for you..

Lily - a simple elongated shape of the petals. Strictness and restraint

Iris - playfulness and lightness

See what they look like in real life:

Neon strolling walking champange dress table

This is a brand new product in our store. Walking tables are very popular at all events, we decided to make them in several themes:






The finished product may differ from the sketch, as this is a new technology that we are just mastering, but there are pluses in this – it means that no one has such a product!

Colorful Mirror cats

One of the most popular products in our store! Spring helped us breathe life into an old product. Costume fabric can be in all colors of the rainbow. By adding paint – the mirrors begin to look completely different!

We decided to diversify not only your favorite cats with multi-colored fabric, but also created new bodysuit looks for the summer season.

neon bodysuit

New collection of mirror bodysuits

New shapes and colors of mirrors. New ideas for parties, festivals and stage. Look at some examples of what’s new. 

All new items are chosen by our instagram followers by voting for the best sketch.

It is important for every artist that his works see the world, and for us it is important that Katya’s works continue to live and inspire her to new achievements.

There are other goods in the main store, by buying which you help the Ukrainians.
We donate money to funds that provide assistance, or we buy the necessary things that people who just arrived in Warsaw need. According to the UN, at the moment there are more than 1,000,000 refugees from Ukraine in warsaw.

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