Mirror costume

In the spring of 2016, a representative of Fancy brigade associations contacted us via email. They got very interested in our mirror suits. They told us that every year an event named Mummers parade takes place in Philadelphia.  It takes place in winter and even sharp frost does not prevent the participants from dressing up and making a real show. It turned out that our client is a regular participant and that time he wanted something unusual. So, wandering the internet, he ran into our disco ball costumes.

First of all, our future customer was interested in the practicality of the mirror man. He told about his idea to learn whether it would be convenient to dance in our mirror costume. And he was fortunate in that respect, as our suits are very comfortable and easy to move in them.

The customer appeared to be a very sociable guy. He asked a lot of questions, sent us videos from former parades, told how they gathered money for the parades and staged their numbers. His further questions were dedicated to the mirrors. What were they made from? Wouldn’t they break? Were they heavy? He shouldn’t have worried about that as we use the acrylic mirror in our glasses costumes. We process the mirrors the way that they become lighter and what is the most important thing – stronger. Moreover, these mirrors reflect light perfectly without any distortion.

Further, the customer got information about the timings, the possibility of discounts and shipping costs. Having received all the necessary answers, he decided to order one disco ball suit as a sample. The customer said he would order 7 more disco ball outfits if he were fully satisfied with the quality.

As the customer had quite a huge size we didn’t have the necessary mirror suit in stock. But that wasn’t a problem at all for us. In no time we prepared the glasses man of the necessary size and design.

The disco ball costume was packed and shipped by EMS. The delivery service wasted no time.Having received the order and tested the glass man the customer felt happy with the quality. He contacted us at once and ordered the rest 7 mirror men.

We gathered all the necessary information on the sizes. Thanks to the well-established processing technologies we managed to meet deadlines. No emergencies or extraordinary situatíons occurred during the processing, everything went smoothly.

When everything was ready, we set to packaging. Thanks to the durability of mirrors the glasses costumes are easy to transport. We folded the mirror man suits carefully, wrapped them in stretch film and finally packed in the boxes we had prepared ourselves. We added a repair kit so that the customer could fix the disco ball outfits in case of emergency. All the boxes were shipped with EMS shipping service. First, two boxes were delivered within the first week and the others in the middle of the second week.

All the mirror suits were delivered in time. A lot of time was left for the rehearsals. But that time one mirror costume got damaged during transportation, some mirror pieces fell off. The customer contacted us at once and with the help of our instructions using the repair kit he managed to fix everything himself within minutes.

The performance went over with a bang. A few days after the parade later the customer sent us a video with his number. The disco ball costumes looked wonderful in the sun.The mirrors reflected all the coming light, what looked glittery. Later the customer left his review on our Facebook page.

He assured that wasn’t our last deal with him and he’ll need more custom designed suits in the future. We couldn’t but agree that as we are always open to new ideas.

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