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  • LED Smart Artnet WiFi Pixel dance suit


    LED dance suit series “SMART” – at the moment is our best product. The suit has a very difficult structure and simple design, for this reason they are very sturdy and provide incredible possibilities to use. The dance suit reasonably bright to work on the large stages. This model has 300 super bright RGB LEDs. This dance suit is the…

  • SMART LED light up cap, custom design


    ➨ Overview: Led light up cap it’s a perfect accessory for people who like to stand out of the crowd. The main feature of the smart series is the ability to control each individual LED, which will allow you to always be unique. Also we provide customization so we can make any design based on your own wishes.  ➨…

  • LED Mirror Dance costume – Mirror LED style


    Discoball LED Dance costume – New combinatilon of Lights and Mirrors. You will ask me – Why combination of mirror and leds is so stunning? And I will answer – it’s a reflection magic. We offer you mirror glitter bodysuit of high quality made of real mirror from Italy. With this mirror sparkly bodysuit you can create an amazing unique…

  • Mirror Costume Ice Guardian – Square glass style


    Mirror costume is one of the most impressive and memorable costumes. They are made of an acrylic mirror with mirrors of various shapes.The mirror reflects well both the sun’s rays and night lights, so it will be a perfect solution for every event at any daytime – a meeting of guests, photo sessions, laser and light shows, dance competitions and…

  • Mirror wings with remote controler


    Overview: Wings of an angel is a mystical, eye-catching product. On a thin canvas are several hundred pieces of acrylic mirrors. Reflection from the mirror will give more visual effect in combination with fire, light. This will help create a more realistic look. A Repair Kit and warranty on the goods will give freedom and confidence.    ➨ Why you need…

  • Smart LED Peacock Fan Tail costume


    ➨Overview: Smart light up peacock tail for festival, carnival parade and street performances. New 2018 festival costume Idea. Giant LED Peacock Tail. Almost 4 meters in high of beauty glowing LED. It’s a Smart LED. That means you can control each LED and create unique and unforgettable effects. ➨What you get: Event companies You get an easy and mobile solution for…

  • Smart LED wireframe butterfly wings


    ➨Overview: Fabulous wings of a butterfly – a novelty from ETERESHOP! The rigid frame of wings is reminiscent of butterfly wings + an individual wing print on the fabric itself. All this is decorated with about 500 SMART LEDs repeating the butterfly pattern. All this immerses you in a fairy tale of colors and magical effects. ➨Why you need exactly…

  • LED bellydance Fans for light Shows


    ➨ Overview: You are bidding on a LED Fans that is perfect for entertaining crowds and dancing shows at night clubs and night parties. Best results are achieved if smoke machine is used. Please read carefully. Fans have more than 300 super-bright LEDs. Used to power the two li-ion battery and can work without precharge for about 30 minutes. High…

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