Gold mirror dance shorts – Circle style

Gold mirror dance shorts – Circle style


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➨ Overview:

Mirror dance high shorts made of high quality real acrylic mirror from Italy. With this mirror dance shorts you can to express any audience on any event. Mirror high underwear reflect the laser beams and light beams without distortion. It is an excellent solution for many performances at any time. Mirror high shorts easy to put on/off, also simple in use and repair.

➨ Why you need exactly these costume:

✔ High-quality acrylic mirror from Italy
These mirrors reflect light very well. You can use in your performance stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight.
✔ Safety for you and your audience
We use an acrylic mirror and cut it with a laser. We make sharp edges – round, so you can’t cut yourself with this mirror.
✔ Comfortable to wear
In these mirror dance high shorts comfortable to move. They do not fetter your movements. They are easy to put on and off
✔ Excellent investment
Mirror glitter high underpants look very impressive. These mirror outfit don’t require maintenance and can work for a long time. All this time, they will bring you money.
✔ Wide opportunities to use
These disco ball clothing are suitable for any events. Mirror high dance shorts can work day and night, as you can swim in the mirror costume and run in the rain. Mirror glitter clothes is excellent for photo session.
✔ Focus on your figure
This dance shorts fit tightly to the body and emphasize your figure and hide the shortcomings
✔ Easy to use and repair
Mirror glitter shorts very easy to repair, and everything you need can be found in Repair Kit.

➨ Standard delivery set:

1. Mirror high short
2. Repair Kit
3. Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading – if you pay by bank)

➨ Timings and shipping:

Normally, the processing of your order takes 3­-5 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
• Air registered mail (5­-30 days / 45-­65 USD)
• Express Mail Service (5­-14 days / 60­-165 USD)
• First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 170-­255 USD)

➨ Important:

Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.

Please be careful with choice of your body size – price depend on your weight.

➨ Manufacturer:

Light solutions ETERE ­ “ETEREshop” tax number 192027659 Republic of Belarus, Brest. Manufactured in compliance with technical documentation of the manufacturer. This product is not subject to mandatory certification.

➨ Warranty:

Warranty ­30 days from the date of delivery. More information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.

This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

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