Smart LED Bellydance Rainbow wings – 330 LEDs

Smart LED Bellydance Rainbow wings – 330 LEDs


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➨ Overview:

Check out our SMART LED wings – they have unique features and are easy to use. Only you can decide effects, graphics, colors and tempo what you want for your dance or stage character. All this you can create yourself, or choose from a library of ready-made effects. This wings are very light (1,9lb) and bright, transparent and glow on both sides. Optionally wings can be easily controlled from PC, and this product is steadily improving.

➨What you get:

  • Belly dance performers
    If you have a lot of different stage characters and dance numbers – this is wings your best choice. You can use a lot of effects, create and customize their all – as it is necessary for you.Wings unique and help to reveal your idea of dance. Wings are easy to use and do not hamper movement.
  • Nightclub performers
    A lot of effects in combination with longer battery life allows you to be bright and showy on the club scene. Wings bright, transparent and sexy. The effects diverse – but it not distracted attention from the dancers.
  • Dance teams
    You can very easily get a very bright performance without large investments of time and money.You can manage multiple wings from a computer and sync them with the music. Also you can quickly create a new dance – for a particular client and event.
  • Event companies
    You get an easy and mobile solution for many activities. Your employees can easily work with PC control technology and with smart wings. As you get stable technical support, and the ability to rapidly expand the number of wings for very large events.
  • Creative people
    This is a great gift for people – who want to stand out at a party or festival. With wings easy to work and they allow ability to personalize the wings for yourselves.

➨Why you need exactly these wings:

✔ Full control of each individual LED
This allows you to create any lighting effect. Choose colors for your costume or corporate colors of the event. Choose a tempo effects and more. All this will allow you to easily create a unique dance.
✔ Web interface for create own effects
All settings can be done in a web browser. This may be any operating system and any device. You do not need to install additional software or drivers – all for maximum usability.
✔ Small buttons on sticks for switching effects
According to one button on each stick. One button – the next light effect, the second button – the previous light effect.
✔ Stand alone work mode
Independent mode does not require a computer or other control devices for work. You just need to run the program and it will work.
✔ Full compatibility with real time PC control by Madrix
If necessary, the controller can be used in complex solutions. It can be used with computer control. This may be a Madrix software or similar products for managing digital LEDs.
✔ You can manage up to 3000 LEDs
We have different models of wings and costumes. Currently we have wings 165, 330, 510, and 1000 digital LEDs. But if you have a unique project – the one controller is able to control even 3000 digital LEDs.
✔ Compatible with control protocols DMX, ArtNet, MIDI
If you already have a computer control system for lighting effects – you do not need to buy a new one for our wings. You can use your software – our controller can be easily integrated into your control system.

➨Standard delivery set:

1. Dance wings
2. Battery box for AA type rechargeable batteries (batteries not included)
3. “SMART” stand alone controller
4. Fabric bag for storage and transportation of wings
5. Instructions for operation and maintenance(PDF by email)
6. Repair Kit
7. PC control system(optional)

➨Timings and shipping:

Normally, the processing of your order takes 1-3 days, if you have urgent order – please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
➊Air registered mail (5-30 days / 30 USD)
➋Express Mail Service (5-14 days / 40-65 USD)
➌First class express shipping (3-5 days / 100-150 USD)


!!!Use only rechargeable batteries!!!
Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.
Please, make sure that the right shipping option for your item is chosen before making the payment!


Light solutions ETERE – “ETEREshop” tax number 291265176 Republic of Belarus, Brest. Manufactured in compliance with technical documentation of the manufacturer. This product is not subject to mandatory certification.


Warranty – 3 days from the date of delivery. More information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.
This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

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