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  • 9 years ago we started creating LED and mirror suits
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Let's get to know each other better! We'll start.

We Siarhei Vaitovich and Maryna Haretskaya are making LED suits, LED accessories, and other props for artists and dancers!

We have been making our LED suits for our own performances for some time and finally decided this was
something we both really enjoy doing!

We take pride in the quality of what we make! Our goal is to create high-quality suits for you!

We started production of LED suits in the 2012 year. The first suits we created together with our own hands. At the moment, we have a team of 50+ people! We have assembled a great team of professionals and are ready to realize any of your ideas! We can make any LED suits from your sketches. We are constantly improving our production and come up with new LED suits for you! We make suits
for dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, mirror suits for living statues, waterproof suits for flyboard, and more!

At the moment, we produce suits which have no analogs worldwide! For example, the system Smart – a system allowing you to create incredible shows with our suits!

ETEREshop is a joint work of a great team!

~With love, Siarhei and Maryna~

We are done with the lyrical part for now, let's move to figures...

Numbers and facts about ETERESHOP




3000+ deals with happy clients.

2200+ of them on Etsy.com where we are present since 2013.

50+ employees in 2022 vs. 2,5 back in 2012.

800 m² (8600 ft²) of the production area.

70+ countries of the world our products came to.

Sales map:

Followers base:

We have a solid subscriber base growing steadily all these years. The amount total throughout all social networks is around 130k+.

Facebook – 61k

Instagram – 50k

Pinterest – 12k

YouTube – 9k

Most noticeable Projects

Among our most notable clients are Take That, Daddy Yankee, the dancers’ team of Muse band in their latest world tour, and many others. 


Daddy Yankee

See it in action:


Franky Zapata 40th anniversary of the independence of the United Arab Emirates

See it in action:


Mummers parade: String Band Mirror Wizards

See it in action:


See it in action:

Fashion Week 2018

See it in action:



See it in action:

Take that

See it in action:

Belarus Fashion Week 2019

Avantgardista Fashion Show 2019


Trinity Fatu aka Naomi


Polina Gagarina

See it in action:

Germany's Next Top Model

See it in action:

To be continued...

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