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Professional Circus Acrobatic Dance Costumes and Aerial Costumes

In this article we will talk about the category of professional adult costumes for performing various dance and acrobatic tricks. This category of aerial acrobatic costumes includes acrobatics outfits made with LED lighting, aerial costumes with mirror effects, as well as circus acrobat dance costume with LED screens for more colorful lighting effects.

LED Aerial acrobatics dance suits

The main advantage of such circus costumes is the presence of LED diodes, which will allow you to create additional lighting effects. The LEDs are located in different parts of the circus acrobatics outfits. We use acrobatics performing suits with LED Screen  for even larger and more various effects. Besides, if you wand to order or buy something special you can see professional adults aerial outfits with mirror. They look fantastic as in an individual performance as well as a part of larger group of dancers.

Suit Specifications of LED Aerial Acrobatics Dance Costumes

The performance adult costume itself is made of elastic stretchable material. It allows you to perform tricks of various complexity. The aerial performance suit is easy to use, it’s flexible and doesn’t shackle movements of an artist. Dancers can use acrobatics dance suits. As well as aerialists.

The LED Screen aerial dance suit consists of a jumpsuit, a mask and a special belt for securing power supply and control system. Power supply with the controller placed in a special belt which has a backpack mount form Y for additional fixation on the body. This allows you to share the load on the back. The belt slim and not visible under a suit.

Choosing the size of a circus dance costume

We make acrobatic suits of various sizes. As a rule our aerial acrobatics dance costume creates by individual measurements and is  provided with guarantee and delivery terms in 6-17 days. Weight of the costume is up to 4 kilos.

LED effects in Circus Acrobatics Dance Costumes

In the Dance Aerial suit each Led is controlled separately, this technology allows to create different effects. They are designed both for a single costume and for teamwork. One button switches lighting effects. In addition, there is a controller that allows you to create more different and various LED effects.

LED Screen acrobatics dance costume with 3000 LEDs is flexible and easy to use. The suit creates with different number and density of LEDs according to the client’s wish. The costume can be shipped to any part of the world within 2 weeks.

Aerial Costume Care 

We provide each professional dance suit with a service instruction. It includes all necessary information about washing and taking care about your new circus acrobatics costume. These performing adult suits do not require additional and complex procedures to keep them clean and in working order. As a rule the controller and batteries are taken out, all connectors are closed with lids  and erased with a not very intensive wash. Nevertheless follow the instructions sent with the costume.

Individual order

Under the individual order, we can make the circus acrobatics costume with the possibility of work under water, a standart model will work in the rain and is suitable for delicate automatic washing.  Belt batteries and automatic control units should be taken away before washing.

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