Acrobat and aerial costumes

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  • LED Smart Artnet WiFi Pixel dance suit


    LED dance suit series “SMART” – at the moment is our best product. The suit has a very difficult structure and simple design, for this reason they are very sturdy and provide incredible possibilities to use. The dance suit reasonably bright to work on the large stages. This model has 300 super bright RGB LEDs. This dance suit is the…

  • Low cost – Disco ball sparkly mirror bodysuit


    ➨ Overview: We offer you low cost flexible disco ball mirror costume of high quality made of real mirror from Italy. With this mirror costume you can create an amazing unique show – at a reasonable cost. Disco ball costumes reflect the laser beams and light beams without distortion. It is an excellent solution for many performances at any time.…

  • SMART LED light up Aerialists suit


    We want to present you a new version of the dance suit for Aerialists with full control of each LED. The main features of such a suit are ease of use, flexibility, a wide variety of effects, as well as the ability to manage the suit yourself (stand alone mode), with wifi through the computer or even through your phone. What…

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