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Mechanical adults wings – what, where, when and why.

In this article, we will tell you about another category of suits for adults – large mechanical wings for men or girls. We will reveal where they can be used, what holidays and shows they are best suited, and how they can be ordered and bought.
Let’s go!

Where large mechanical wings can be used

Black as night or snowy white, luminous or solid, made of feathers or eva foam. They can be really various and they are always a universal costume for performances and different shows. Perfect and suitable for stages of different sizes.

Mechanical outfits for adults are ideal for street shows or indoor parties, dance or circus performances, casinos or photo zones for any kind of event.

General mechanical angel wings suits for adults

These large moving black or white feather wings attract particular attention in that they have the ability to fold and unfold at the touch of a button, which is in the hands of the artist.

They can be small, large or huge, male, female or unisex, come with or without leds. The material can be artificial feathers, plastic or eva foam plates.

Custom cosplay wing suits for adults

There are also a number of special custom cosplay costumes made to order. These can be themed parties in the honor of your favorite TV shows or computer games, from Marvel to Spider-Man. We completed an order for the manufacture of Falcon costume with mechanical wings. And many others, from big luminous mechanical mirror wings to big glowing LED mechanical angel unisex outfits.

Construction of large wings for adults, man or women

Large mechanical wings for adults are a rather complex construction, which also includes a backpack attached to the back and is a place for connecting the wings. In addition, this is a place for the controller and batteries.

Mechanical moving wings are for adults only

The whole suit consisted of mechanical moving wings themselves, a backpack and equipment of a controller and batteries can weigh from a couple of kilograms up to 15 kilos. Nevertheless, costumes are not only suitable for men. Large mechanical girls wings are possible too – with smaller sizes, beautiful showgirls or dancers can wear, perform and dance in them.

White or black adults moving mechanical suit with LEDs

Since the main material is eva foam, the color can be white, gray or black for now. Additional colors can be LED backlight.

Mechanical moving wings in any case look spectacular, and coupled with backlighting is a double triumph. In addition, LEDs provides an additional advantage – your character is visible and looks very nice both in the dark and in open areas. Use the LED option to be bright and memorable. See how the leds looks on both white and black suit with moving wings.

Cosplay Costume Falcon Big moving wings

It was a challenge to create large mechanical Captain America cosplay suit from the Falcon and The Winter Soldier for Halloween. In only 4 months we picked up materials, created and tested mechanical cosplay wings. With cosplay outfit for Halloween, our customer did not go unnoticed and uses it in everyday life when he wants to surprise the audience and attract attention.

The range of wings by ETERESHOP

In our arsenal there are big mechanical plastic wings as well as large moving mirror wing suit or large moving feather wings. Look at our costumes of a demon or a raven, an angel and a dragonfly.

If you have any questions or you have not found the product you need, please contact the managers by E-mail: sales@etereshop.com

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