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Chic and glitter or what can we tell about our mirrored clothes

Imagine the situation, you go on stage, red carpet, theme party, cosplay party, dinner party or circus arena. The list can be continued indefinitely, but, perhaps, we will stop here. The glitter of spotlights, muffled music. And as a result absolutely all eyes are turned only on you. You are the focus of this event. You are a real star that others admire. How did you attract so much attention to yourself? The answer is simple. With the help of mirror clothes by etereshop.

Mirror clothes – by ETERESHOP

Our mirrored clothes are very extravagant and sexy. A mirror outfit is not just a beautiful accessory. It is a state of your soul. Nevertheless with this costume, you will not only attract the attention of your audience, but also remain in their memory for a very long time. Absolutely every detail shimmers incredibly beautifully. In the sun’s rays and the light of a spotlight, sparkles with multi-colored shades.

Mirror accessories for outfits

Our collection includes various mirror accessories. They will be appropriate for various social (and not only) events. They are absolutely suitable for both women and men. Of course you can choose  any of them for yourself. A mirror bodysuit, mirror suit, mirror dress, mirror jacket, mirror body, mirror accessories and even mirror shoes. 

Mirror bodysuit for party and festival

Extravagant and sexy. This is how you can describe the mirrored bodysuit from the etershop store. It emphasizes the dignity of your figure and is tailored to your preferences. A mirrored bodysuit is practical and incredibly comfortable. It does not constrain movements, which has a positive effect on the quality and duration of your performance. You can choose a mirror body for absolutely every taste and color. In silver or gold, or maybe you like acid shades. There are a lot of variations of the mirror body in the etereshop store.

Disco ball suit for performances

Disco ball suit will not leave you indifferent. They are  made of high quality material. It makes them very comfortable and practical. And each mirror part is cut individually. It optically creates the effect of broken glass. Most likely it will take you a lot of time to stop admiring this mirror clothing.

Mirror dresses

Mirrored dresses deserve special attention. Chic and glitter, enthusiastic looks, whisperings. This is all about mirror dresses from etereshop. Of course wearing such a dress you will decorate absolutely any event. Cause the delight of your audience. So, if you want to strike your audience on the spot, then rather look at the models of mirror dresses.

Mirror jacket with disco ball effect

Nevertheless any men’s suit, any male image, can be decorated with a mirrored jacket. A men’s mirrored jacket will be in perfect harmony with any of your clothes. And it will help you make a lasting first impression.

Mirror masks as an accessory

 In our collection you will find a lot. Mirror masks, beautiful headbands, glow-in-the-dark masks, as well as mirror masks of various animals. Such as a pig, a snake, a bear, a fox, a panther, a bull and a cat. Do you want to surprise your audience? Then you should look at the mirror masks on your face.

Mirrored corset to complete the look

Extravagant mirrored corsets will emphasize the dignity of your figure and emphasize your sexuality. Additionally our mirrored corsets can be combined with any mirrored accessories or mirrored shoes. It’ll make your look unique and incredibly beautiful.

Mirror shoes for a complete look

Well, our last category is mirror shoes. Incredibly beautiful, memorable, and most importantly comfortable and practical. Of course all of our mirror products are made from the highest quality materials. That is why we guarantee you the convenience, practicality and durability of our products.

Buy mirror clothes

You can buy mirror clothes in the online store. You should submit an application or write to our managers. Mirror clothes are delivered to the USA and 190 countries around the world.

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