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 Full-face 3D Mirror masks – created to surprise

In this article, we will show and tell you about the features of 3D mirrored masks and their diversity. In addition, you will find out what they are made of and what characteristics they have.

Animal 3D Mirror Masks Advantages

The 3D mirror gold or silver mask has multiple benefits. Firstly, mirroring adds all the advantages of 3D mirror masks and costumes. They  glitter and reflect all kinds of lighting effects. But the second and important advantage is the 3D effect. A Mirror Animal 3D mask in this style will add the effect of presence and turn the entire costume into something new and incredibly spectacular. In addition, the mask itself serves as an excellent stage accessory, and changing the 3D mirror gold or silver animal mask drastically changes the whole image.

3D Mirror Gold and Silver Masks Varieties 

3D mirror full face masks can be in the form of animals, fantasy or mystery creatures, demons, skulls, birds and insects. The mask conveys the playfulness of a cat, the cuteness of a bull, the speed of a panther, or the ruthlessness of a demon. We have rich experience in producing such masks and have made masks in the shape of a bull and a cobra, a hare and a panda, a unicorn and a demon, a skull and a tiger, a bear and a zebra, and many other characters. With our 3D mirror mask gold and silver animal or skull masks you can create a great costume for a halloween, rave or theme party, Burning man or any other festival.

 Halloween, Rave or Festival Mirror Masks characteristics

All 3D mirror gold and silver masks are universal in size. All 3D mirror masks have an inner foam made-to-measure cap inside for comfortable wear. They are made from acrylic mirror. This is a tough and durable material. The mask will not be broken or damaged when drops. They can be of silver or gold color, a mix of them with the additional black color if needed. To buy 3D Mirror Skull or Animal full face mask you should contact our manager. We make Mirror Animal 3D masks from one to two weeks. After agreeing on the drawing created in 3D max. We produce a 3D mirror mask for Halloween, festival and party and send it to you. Along with warranty and repair kit.

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