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Led light up Jackets for shows and events, parties and festivals, circuses and theaters

In this article, we will tell you about all kinds of lightning jackets with lights, what they are, what you need to pay attention to when ordering them, and what features these led jackets rave have.

Types of jackets with LEDs

Firstly, the light up jackets themselves can be of a wide variety of options, such as simple led jackets with sewn-in LEDs, LED light Jackets rave, capes or vests with LED screens. Fashion dj Jackets with lights  or vests made up of light plates and infinity mirror effects

Lightning jackets characteristics

Secondly, the presence of light diodes allows you to use various lighting effects. In doing so, you can control each individual Led light. You can choose any color you want, the tempo effects and choose the controlling mode you like, from stand alone mode or PC control by Madrix.

Fashion dj jackets with lights working modes and LED density

Thirdly, all lightning jackets have size from XS to XL, can work up to 2 hours or more and can have 3 different work modes – stand-alone, remote control, DMX switching. Density of LEDs vary up to 1 LED per each centimeter for fabric and 32*48 LEDs for LED screen. In order to switch effects there are 2 small buttons. There can be any amount of Leds, from 300 up to 1600 LEDs.

Light up jackets rave to order and buy

We can produce a LED pattern of any form and complexity for a light up jacket made of natural or artificial leather, or from any other types of fabric.

We will be happy to help you with a new lightning jacket for your show. All you need is to call our manager and tell him what it will be, a led jacket, a cape or a vest. Specify the size and what lighting effects you want. We will do the rest ourselves. We design, conform the sketch with you, produce and deliver. Fast and easy.

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