LED clothing for performances and parties

LED clothing is glowing LED outfits. For dancers, actors gymnasts or anyone who wants to brighten up their show.

We create LED luminous outfits using a special technology with backlight. Of course it allows you to create light evening outfits for the show. Nevertheless low cost of lighting costumes is also attracts buyers.

Popular glowing outfits

Some of the most popular LED outfits are LED onesies, LED dresses, LED light up costumes for acrobats, LED jumpsuits for shows, etc.

LED dance clothes

Of course glow-in-the-dark dance outfits are used in nightclubs. They used by artists, go-go dancers and burlesque dancers to create a colorful show. Nevertheless the glowing dance is gaining popularity all over the world. It is often used by street performers and stilt walkers.

LED suits for the show

LED costumes and outfits are perfect for celebrating “bright” holidays. For example our designers has created many LED outfits and LED costumes. In them you can celebrate Christmas. Or just choose your LED clothing for Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

You can order LED costume on our official site or on Etsy.

To buy an LED outfit, you need to choose the right product and make a purchase on the website. If you have any questions about LED suits, please contact our manager by E-mail: sales@etereshop.com

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