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LED flags – you know what for and we know how.

You want to have a large led flag in your arsenal. Congratulations – this is a good choice. Illuminated Big pixel flag can be used both on stage and at street performances, festivals, carnivals, parades. We will tell you a few useful things that will help you so that your Big flag with lights will serve you faithfully.

 LED lights flag  – size and number of LED lighted sides 

First, decide if your led flag will be one-sided or LED effects will be on both sides.

A single-sided flag is lighter. If we take the size of 2.2 by 1.5 meters, then this large lighted  led flag contains 2520 LEDs. Despite this, the flag is quite light and easy to use. It weighs about 3.9 kg or 130 oz. The double-sided flag is heavier. It contains twice as many diodes, 5040, and weighs about 7.5 kg or 16.5 pounds. Alternatively, you can make a small double-sided flag, with the size almost 47.2*31.4 feet with 1428 LEDs.

Flag led lights decoration information and effects placed

Smart technology used in the product allows to create and change different effects and due to high dencity of LEDs it’s possible to put words and logos on the flag, as well as light and sound effects. They are created with the help of Madrix software and uploaded to an SD card with the help of Screen Recorder program or via ArtNet recorder. Synchronization with musicis is also available. See how we made large led american flag and flag decorations with other lightning effects. The American lighted up flag is a fabric with a net of light diodes decoration. The density of the diodes on the fabric is about 30 LEDs/1 m or per 10 ft. Such a density of diodes allows the decorations on the flag to look organic and efficient.

Large led American light flag – how to store, transport and change diodes

The American LED flag or any similar flag with a large number of diodes can be stored rolled up. If you fold it carefully and beyond effort, then this will not harm it. However, with time, diodes can fail. But that’s no reason to tear your hair out. There is a technical support group that will explain how and what to do, and the repair kit, which contains a supply of diodes necessary for some time.

The main thing is that now you know what to look for when ordering your large led light up flag. More information about ETERESHOP flags and products can be obtained by contacting our managers.

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