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Mirror Woman Costumes are Suitable for any Show 

Animation mirrored costumes are popular decoration looks during street shows, photo zones and stages of all kinds. Mirror lady  costumes are favourite street living statues to make a photo with. The mirror elements of the animation mirror costume reflect the rays of the sun and stage spotlights – and in such costumes the effect of a disco ball is manifested. These mirror lady suits organically fit into the street interior, look great against the backdrop of nature and serve as a good decoration for any scene, precisely because of their mirror and disco ball effect.

Mirror Lady Costume Peculiarities

Our company has been creating mirror women and men suits for many years. And we start the production from creating a design, laying out and cutting a mirror into small elements – tiles. They can be triangular, diamond-shaped or irregularly shaped. Mirror lady animation costumes can be of several sizes, from XS to XL. There are not mirror shoes, but imitation shoes, which allows the whole suit to be universal.

Acrylic Mirror for Mirror Woman Living Statue Costume

The edges of the mirror tiles are processed to prevent cuts. It is easy to take care for mirror acrylic, although this material shines like a mirror, it is lighter than it and resistant to scratches. In order to wash mirror glass lady animation costume, you will need fiber cloth and any detergent. It is enough to wipe the suit with a cloth and it is ready for the next show. We always send care instructions for our mirrored women’s outfits.

Repairing of broken mirror woman costume

We selected the optimal adhesive so that it firmly holds the mirror tiles.

We glue firmly, but if suddenly some piece of the mirror has moved away from the fabric, do not pass it on. Take a look in your repair kit – there you will find everything you need to ensure that your broken mirror woman costume pleases you and the audience again as soon as possible.

Variety of Mirror Woman Suits

Please go through the products in this category and see the variety of models. Contact our managers to make an order and we will do it with all the respect and responsibility.

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