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Cosplay Angel Wings costumes – how to make the right choice

So, for your stage look, you need cosplay angel adults wings. Of course what you need to know and how to make sure that you buy the large cosplay wings for adults you desire. Nevertheless we have made a map of questions and answers for you so that the decision is correct, and you take everything into account.

Of course some of our costume designs are inspired by movie characters or ballet stars. From large black wings of fallen angels or white long ones of pure white swans.

Cosplay angel wings for adults can be traditionally white (light) angels costumes or black (evil) angels costumes. As for our experience we made angel adult costumes of black, white and gray colors.

Large cosplay white angel wings costumes for adults

Of course professional cosplay angel wings costumes in the form of a pure white angel are a win-win option for any show. Nevertheless this is a wonderful element for decorating a photo zone and a huge number of stage performances. Suitable for Halloween, masquerade balls, costume parties, beer festivals, adult costumes, carnival, Christmas, Easter or any other parties.

Big white foam angel wings for adults

Long large cosplay white angel wings can be made of different materials. Fabric, feathers, foam or plastic. As a rule we produce them from polyethylene foam. It is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell material. It is often used for creating cosplay costumes. Due to its excellent vibration dampening and insulation properties. It also offers high resistance to chemicals and moisture. 

Cosplay white angel big wings for stages and shows

The width of the costume is up to 4 meters or 13 feet. Of course this is a comfortable size to deal with the large angel foam adult white costume. The size of them is big and long enough to be seen even on the huge stages.

Non-foldable wings for guests and photo zones

Cosplay angel outfits were designed for event agencies and production companies working at different shows and performances. Besides, they are great for photo zones. They look fantastic on stages of all sizes. Including nightclubs or open-air settings during dance shows and meeting guests.

Cosplay angel costume can be made in the form of ordinary, non-foldable wings. They are as big as folded ones. So you can shake and dance with them comfortably. 

Foldable large angel wings costumes for big stages and performances

It is much more interesting to make foam angel cosplay wings that can fold and unfold. Nevertheless with such large cosplay black or white wings you can perform more effects. They themselves are much more impressive and exciting to look at.

We have already had a range of cosplay angel designs. We can create a new design in case you want something specific. A linear actuator is used in the large mechanical cosplay wings. And they can be folded and unfolded.

White Angel Wings for adults – construction

There are easy fabric strips for light wings or a special backpack strips to fasten them on the human back. Besides, there are special finger fasteners in order to lead the long cosplay wings as you wish. Of course there is a special backpack for folded large angel wings for adults and a clasp fastened at the waist.

 Angel BlackWings for adults

Nowadays showmen, singers, film directors and organizers of music festivals around the world actively use such costumes. A variety of fabrics, colors and additional elements allows you to develop any shape and style of your costume: bright and spectacular, discreet and elegant, or something in between.

Black Devil Cosplay Outfit for Halloween Party

Of course it is a perfect cosplay costume for Halloween party or any other of such kind. Dark angel wings costume is personification of a devil, a raven, or any other creature that represents evil or dark mystery. Black wings Halloween costume is a good decision for indoor or outdoor events.

Large cosplay black angel  wings can be made of different materials. Fabric, feathers, eva foam or plastic. As a rule we produce them from polyethylene foam. It is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell material. They are often used for creating large and long angel adult outfits due to its excellent vibration dampening and insulation properties. Of course it also offers high resistance to chemicals and moisture. 

Dark angel  wings costume can be produced in forms of foldable or non-foldable variants. Both foldable and non-foldable large cosplay white or black costumes can be very effective. 

Advantages of ETERESHOP Products

Cosplay black or white foam costumes for adults created by the ETERESHOP Company has a range of advantages:

  • Create multiple looks with these cosplay angel wings on artists of both genders: sexy and playful 
  • Plan your shows on large stages or in a crowd of guests, they’ll be clearly visible thanks to their large size.
  • Move your large white or black angel wings like real ones and transport them without difficulties thanks to ergonomic construction and light weight.
  • Cosplay angel wings can be personalized up to your needs: color, size, ‘feather’ form, and a number of layers, additional accessories.

We are open and transparent at any stage of work.
You can buy angel wings costume by contacting our managers – they will answer all your questions.

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