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Mobile and Effective Large LED lighting Installations and Decorations

LED installations and various led lighting decorations for the stage, open spaces or other shows are an additional place to attract attention. This is a great photo zone for shooting and advertising at your show. It is also a wonderful example of led installation art: it can always be thematically and color-adjusted to any theme and show. That’s why they will be quite appropriate in branded zones and interactive museums. They as well pass open spaces and exhibitions, virtual spaces and even show rooms.

Today we will share with you our ideas of different big led light up installations and decorations, on wall or cube installations, infinity mirror or wings decorations as well as large led infinity dodecahedron installation. And a dozen more.

Large LED lighting  Infinity Dodecahedron Installation 

The giant lighting installation in the form of a huge human-sized infinity dodecahedron 6.5 feet high will definitely become a kind of stop-place on your show. This will be the most memorable and fascinating place. Various color-,  light- and sound effects change the space and mood beyond recognition.

Maintenance and Repair of LED lighting  Infinity Mirror Dodecahedron

It is easy to manage and lead. In case of damage of led infinity dodecahedron your staff will be able to repair. We add repair kit to our products and have technical support. It is mobile lightning art installation and you can remove it from one place to another. If there is no main power it can work up tp 2 hours with batteries.

Various Infinity Dodecahedron Types and Sizes

A large dodecahedron installation on the ground serves as an excellent led light art installation. And smaller dodecahedrons can installation a stage, walls or photo zones led art installations. In addition, we can make light up infinity dodecahedrons in various sizes. So you can use them as original wall or screen installations or for photo zones. They can be in three sizes: small – 12.5 inches, medium – 17.7 inches and large –23.6 inches.

Large Infinity Mirror Installation 

Another option for a mobile and unusual design is the large infinity mirror installation. Infinity mirror is a fascinating lighting art installation. It perfectly works as a popular photo zone or a place for dance and rave excitements.

Light Infinity Mirror Installation Assembling

It is easy to assemble each light-up strip is plugged in separately, assembling process takes approx. 1 hour. And you can surely repair it if needed. To unplug 1 light-up strip you need to repair –  you don’t need to reassemble the whole construction. We suggest one side infinity mirror as well as a set of two or three mirrors, as a floor ground and two stand sections. High density of 8000 LEDs allows you to display complex lighting effects, animations and logos.

Large LED Cube installation

Cube decoration has an interesting construction – mirrored top ‘ceiling’ part visually ‘expands’ installation and reflects light-up effects. We made lightning cubes of various sizes, with different numbers of LEDs, from 2300 to 16k LEDs. The side differ from 5,9 up to 9.8 The possibilities of various color and sound effects are amazing – logos, waves, different patterns. Just have a look at videos of products in this category. 

LED Cube Decoration Characteristics 

The concentration of color diodes allows you to perform effects of varying complexity. If not switched to the mains the large led cube installation will work up to 2 hours. Lightning led cube installation has three working modes  – stand-alone, remote control, DMX switching. The way to switch the effects over is easy, just  two buttons.  Light effects are uploaded to an SD card with the help of our program called Screen Recorder or via ArtNet recorder.

Led Tube Art Installation

LED Tubes are unique light up art installation. It can work as a separate led wall installation art object. Or it also can serve as décor elements for a stage costume for dancer or a warrior or whatever you see it. As a part of light up installation it can be fasten separately, vertically or horizontally. 174 LEDs in each tube allow to create various light up effects and sync it with music. Operation time is about 5 hours, height – 1.2m. You need ArtNet to switch the effects.

There are many different types of light up art – mirror wings installation for making photos, huge LED cubes that can be a fantastic show by itself and a person can easily be inside. Or a lot of light up led tubes can create a vast number of installation, wall led decoration or installations for the stage.

If you are in an entertainment production company, an event agency, a nightclub, casino or resort  – so you should be absolutely interested in large led art installation for walls, screens or stages. We invite you to call and make your choice in installation art for your show. So yours part of the work – to say your installation art idea, ours – to do the rest.

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