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Mirrored Jackets Make You Shine!

Mirror jackets popular enough category of bright festive costumes. They are suitable for everyone with no exception, men and women, for slim and plus size figures as well as for all ages. In bright mirror suits made of silver, gold or pink mirrored acryl, you will certainly be the center of attention. Mirror costumes create disco-ball effects,  so you will shine with all the nearby colors!

The main material of these suits is mirrored acrylic

The disco-ball mirrored costumes are made of special mirrored acrylic and can be of different colors. You can choose the color of mirror acrylic based on the capabilities of manufacturers. Spectacular and elegant, as well as highly popular, are silver and gold colors. Mirror tiles can be small for women’s jackets, and larger and more brutal for men’s or unisex suits. We can not only change the size and configuration of the mirror tiles, but combine colors and make a mirror print for the stage costume.

Mirrored acrylic characteristics

Mirrored acrylic is a dense yet lightweight, scratch-resistant and very easy-to-clean material. To scratch it, you need to make an effort. It ie easy to look after the disco-ball jacket, a fiber cloth and warm water are enough.

To order a mirror suit we are waiting for model dimensions

We made mirror jackets and vests for men and women. We have ready mirror costumes or we can make them specially for you. All we need to know is your idea, even a very rough one, and the dimensions of your model.

How to take care and repair broken mirror jackets 

We use reliable modern adhesives to glue acrylic to fabrics. But even if, in a completely surprising way, the mirror tile fell off and was lost, you can repair the broken mirror jacket easily. The mirrored jacket comes with instructions and a repair kit. Just a few movements and the mirror part will be in place of the old one.

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