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Sexy and Shiny Mirror Dress  – Stop Eye Outfits

Mirror dress for your shows are a bright solution for stages and performances where you need to shine and surprise. In our collection of gold and silver mirror dresses there are different ones – royal mirror maxi dresses with a crown and a train, daring mini-dresses, complemented by boots and knee-highs. There are mirror sequin dresses like a second skin, tight and sexy, and there are short dresses with mischievous skirts.

Base materials for mirror dress

Mirror dress, despite the seemingly complex mirror acrylic, are quite light and comfortable mirror clothes. Made on the basis of an elastic material, biflex, it allows the dancer to move freely. Biflex is a knitted fabric, used for sewing sportswear, costumes for dancers, gymnasts, circus and figure skating costumes. As for acryllic mirror material – it is light and resistent to scratches. Mix of biflex and mirror tiles of various shapes allows us to create various and complicated and very seductive sexy mirror dresses!

Mirror dresses for different  figures and easy fitting

Mirrored dresses can be of various sizes, from small to big, according to measurements. Moreover, if you need something non-standard – we will sew a dress for any figure. We use not only accurate measurements, but also a special program 3D CLO that transmits the parameters of your figure and allows you to put your new golden or silver mirror dress on it. We wrote about it here.

Color variations for mirrored dresses

Maxi and mini mirrored dresses can be of various colors. Gold and silver, traditional for holidays, or a mix of them, are especially popular. In addition, the mirror tiles themselves on the gold or silver mirror dress can be of various shapes. It immediately changes the whole outfit.

Mirror dress repairing 

Mirror material is constantly being improved. Now it almost does not scratch and it is easy to care. And the new glue holds the mirror tiles really firmly. But if this happened and the mirror tiles somehow separated from the base, you can fix your broken mirror dress using a repair kit. And you mirror sequin dress will shine again.

We invite you have a look at our mirrored dresses and choose the one you like most!

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