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Belly Dance Costumes for Your Show

LED Belly Dance costumes are very diverse. Our company produces a wide range of light dance costumes, from light up belly dance isis costumes to unique custom cosplay costumes for specific orders. In addition, we offer a variety of dance accessories that can add sparkle and originality to your existing stage costumes.

Fabric and decorations for LED Belly Dance Suits

A belly dance iris costume often consists of two main elements – a bra and a skirt. Each of these elements is equipped with LEDs to make the whole light up Belly Dance Costume both festive and seductive. As a rule, transparent organza serves as the basis for creating a glowing costume. An interesting pattern can be used – for example, a butterfly bodice or a design in the form of snakes. Additional elements of the LED isis costume – artificial stones and metallic chains add charm to this womanish belly dance costume. After tailoring the belly dance suit, LEDs are installed. Density can be different, again, based on customer requests. The denser the number of diodes, the more complex the light effects can be.

Customization of Belly Dance Outfits

Belly dance costumes can be of basic equipment. If you want to make changes to the color, patterns, decorations and number of LEDs, we will be happy to make such a stage suit for you. The price will change, but the costume will be unique and designed especially for you.

Taking care of LED Belly dance suits

Since all LED belly dance costumes contain light elements, the maintenance of the dresses consists in using dry cleaning or wiping them with an almost dry fiber. Each glowing isis costume is accompanied by an instruction, how to look after the light up dance suit. We also add repair kit that contains everything to quickly restore lighting effects in case of any damage.

Diverse accessories for belly dance outfits

In addition to ordering a led belly dance suit, we have a wide selection of various luminous accessories for dance shows. Various tails, veils, fans, wings with LEDs will perfectly and organically complement your image.

You need only to look around, choose the LED belly dance costume you need for your dance performance and contact our managers.

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