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Disco Ball Costumes For Every Occasion

We suggest you to look through the category of disco ball light costumes. When light hits a piece of mirrored surface, it is scattered in many directions. Disco ball lights turn the ray producing a novel effect and creates a profusion of moving spots. Such effect is strongly intensified due to the large amount of mirror tiles in our gold and silver mirrored disco ball suits. In addition, the disco ball effect manifests itself in the sun and in artificial light in different ways. During the day, it reflects the soft sunlight, softly overflowing. The rays of artificial lighting are brighter and more impressive.

Disco Ball Outfits Characteristics

Disco ball light mirror suits made by ETERESHOP vary immensely. First of all, disco lights costumes can be of popular gold or silver, but can also be in other shades, from blue and green to pink and red. In addition, the mirror acrylic tiles can be of various shapes and sizes, thereby changing the final image, from very sexy to brutal one. One more advantage is that disco ball costumes for adults are easy to use and to look after. We send you a repair kit just in case you have somehow lost one of the mirrored tile.

The right colors and effects can turn any ordinary room into a dance hall, and for many parties, the bigger and brighter, the better! Disco lights mirrored costumes, silver or gold are a great option.  Disco ball artists and dancers in mirrored disco ball costumes add special mood and tune to your performance.

Do not hesitate to write to our managers. They will be glad to answer all possible questions.

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