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The discount applies only to mirror costumes of standard sizes (see the size chart).
We can create a costume with a personalized size for you. Contact our managers for relevant prices.

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Sparkly costume was designed for circus acrobats, dancers, animation artists and other event entertainment performers working both in daylight and at night with flashing lights, laser beams, stroboscopes and fire. Disco ball suits are unisex, suitable for different body sizes and ergonomic.
Transformer disco ball leotard costume is a great investment as you can combine parts of the costume as you wish creating new images everytime. You can also dress several artists wth one glitter mirror suit.

➨ How we can help you:

If you need something new and extraordinary for your show, concert or any other upcoming event, we are always ready to help.

You can come to us with an idea in your head or a rough sketch on a napkin and we will turn your idea into reality, step-by-step approved by you from the stage of a sketch and up to the finished item. You’ll get a unique custom made costume, technical support and a great tool to make money with.

➨ Video at work:


➨ Overview:

We offer you low cost flexible disco ball mirror costume of high quality made of real mirror from Italy. With this mirror costume you can create an amazing unique show – at a reasonable cost. Also disco ball costumes reflect the laser beams and light beams without distortion. It is an excellent solution for many performances at any time. Flexible mirror suit – safe, easy to use and repair. Also mirror costume is unisex and suitable for different body sizes.

What you will get:

● Event companies and Dance teams
You get an easy and unique solution for many events, without large investments of time and money. Disco ball mirror suits are flexible and suitable to the guys or girls of different body sizes. So, mirror clothing is ideal for the main stages – they are unique and hadn’t been seen before. Real mirrors allow you to create an unforgettable light show with the help of stage equipment. Flexible disco ball costumes suitable for any kind of dance, mirror animation or photo session, equally impressive at daytime or night. Also you get the ability to rapidly expand number of the mirror suits for very large events.

● Solo and group performers
High quality sparkly costume is very rare on the stage. With this you get a significant advantage over competitors. So, flexible mirror costumes are simple in use and easy to dress up, you can even swim in it, and wash in a washing machine. Mirrors on the mirror suit well reflect light, sunlight or light from the laser reflected without distortion. Mirкor disco ball costume can operate day or night. Mirror suits are ideal for dance, animation or photography. In case of breakage – repair takes only a few minutes, and there are parts in the repair kit.

Why you need exactly these sparkly costume:

  1. High-quality acrylic mirror from Italy
  2. Safety for you and your audience
  3. New exclusive show for your audience
  4. Excellent investment
  5. Wide opportunities to use
  6.  Unisex and suitable for different body sizes
  7. Easy to use and repair

Standard delivery set:

1. Sparkly mirror costume
2. Repair Kit

Timings and shipping:

Normally, the processing of your order takes 1­-3 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
1.  Air registered mail (8­-30 days / 45-­65 USD)
2.  Express Mail Service (8-18 days / 60­-165 USD)
3.  First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 170-­255 USD)


Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.
Please be careful with choice of your body size – price depend on your weight


So, warranty ­30 days from the date of delivery. Also more information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.
This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

➨ How to place an order:

You can order this iteam here on our website by adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Weight 4 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL


160 cm, 165 cm, 170 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm

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