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Dancing angels and butterfly Isis wings

In this article, we will talk about how to choose and buy the right belly dance wings, what isis or angel dance suits can be, what material they are made of, and what construction features are in their designs.

Belly Dance Isis wings

Wings for belly dance are designed for individual or group work. Thanks to the light diodes, various lighting effects are possible to make the group dance even more spectacular. Up to 500 led are used to produce them.

Size and materials for Led Isis Wings

The diameter of the whole product is 270 cm. The weight is 1kg or 2.2 lbs. Isis wings are made of transparent holographic organza. Belly dance wings are lightweight and compact, so you can create any moves and transport your suit easily. They shine bright on both sides thanks to the transparent fabric of the base.

Constraction of Led Belly Dance Wings 

The whole costume consists of two belly dance wings. They are attached to the body by means of a neckcollar and two special strips. The dancer controls them by sticks, which are sewn into each led isis wing. The construction includes a controller that is responsible for various lighting effects. It is hidden in the collar zone.

Butterfly Belly Dance Wings

Led butterfly wireframe wings have the rigid frame and an individual print on the fabric itself. All this is decorated with about 750 leds repeating the butterfly pattern. They are attached to the body with two shoulder strips. The construction includes a controller that is responsible for various lighting effects. It is hidden in the back zone.

Dance angel wings

Another win-win option – to buy led angel wings for any shows and performances. Good for both belly dancing and various programs.

Size, color and materials for eva dance angel wings

The size of both led angel wings for dance are approx. 4 meters or 13 feet with the weight up to 2,8 pounds. They are made of polyethylene foam. There are 11 layers of eva foam with 6 different sizes of layers. White color of the isis wings with  red, blue, purple, white, green, yellow, orange light diods.

Fastening of Angle dance led wings 

To put them on we use fabric strips to fasten the wings to the shoulders and on the waist. To fasten wings to the palms we use palm braicing. The controller that is responsible for various lighting effects is hidden in the back zone.

Belly dance wings light effects

200 leds can be used in the angel dance wings, 100 for each wing or 500 led in Belly dance led wings.  With them you can create a various shows with personalized light effects. With an easy-to-use LED item it is possible to synchronize them with music, use sound activation and control it easily. Light effects are uploaded to an SD card using Screen Recorder program or ArtNet recorder. You can switch effects over with the help of two small buttons. One button – the next light effect, the second button – the previous light effect. Independent mode does not require a computer or other control devices for work.

Led Isis Dance Wings Working Mode 

Unlimited time of working. Operating time is circa 2+ hours. There is one Li-pol battery with 1800 Mah for angel dance wings or 2 pieces of Li-pol 3.7v batteries in the Belly Dance led wings. We remind you that batteries and chargers are not included in the order. We do not have the right to send them in accordance with the rules of international transportation.

Maintanance and repairing 

For long-term stable work you need to do repairs yourself. For your comfort, we have a technical support service that will help you solve questions on the product online.

We hope that you have no questions left, and you know how, and most importantly, from whom to order new led belly dancing isis wings for your new and interesting shows!

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