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Mirror Costumes resolve and reflect the lights and the mood!

Mirror outfits are unique and differ from any other stage suit. On the one hand, you reflect and shine because mirror acrylic reflect all light effects. On the other hand, you seem to dissolve and become part of the space, whatever it is. So, if you decided to have a shiny mirror suit in your arsenal – just have a look at our mirror outfits. Disco ball effects make mirror costumes must-have of every show and holiday!

Variety of mirror costumes

Mirror stage costumes are varied. It can be fitted suits that cover you from head to toe. Or maybe a mirror outfit that consists of shorts and a hooded bolero, and a pair of short mirrored shoes or a disco ball mirror suit. These mirror costumes can be worn by both men and women. We make shiny mirror suits from S to XL size. Also, pay attention to the size and shape of the mirror tiles – they can be round, or have the shape of a square, hexagon, triangle, or irregular shape. Disco ball mirror costumes can be silver, gold or a mix of these colors. We made several costumes from pink mirror – it looks very impressive!

Specifications of acrylic mirror for shiny mirror suits

Mirrored material is more reliable and safer than glass. It is not only lighter, which is very important, but also resistant to scratches. In addition, the mirror suit is quite easy to care for. It can be washed with non-aggressive cleaners and wiped dry with fiber cloths. The mirror is attached to the fabric with special glue, and it is quite difficult to tear it out. But if you or circumstances are stronger than our glue, and you’ve got a broken mirror costume – don’t panic! You can always glue it back. Just open our repair kit and read the instructions.

Comfort and activity in a mirror costume

We sew our mirrored ball costumes from special, very comfortable and stretchable material, biflex. This material is used for creating costumes for athletes and dancers. It is convenient and comfortable. As for the mirror tiles, we cut off all sharp corners and make the mirror particles safe to use and wear.

We are sure that you will not only find a disco ball mirror suit to your liking, but also be able to come up with a couple of ideas based to create something new and unique for your shows. And if you are ready to share an idea and make an order, contact our managers. Let’s make the world brighter and more beautiful together.

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