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Mirror Suit for Living statues

Advantages of mirror suit

 Of course the most important role in the work of creative people is played by a suit. Which is designed not only to make an indelible first impression. But also to leave your spectacular image in the memory of the audience for a long time.

 Aesthetic, expressive, impressive, intriguing, spectacular. This is how our mirror suit can be described.  Nevertheless the primitive brightness of colors has ceased to satisfy the viewer. To sharpen his attention, to arouse interest.  Today, in a creative outfit, attention is drawn and interested in lines, shape, expressive sharpness, costume trick. Everything that contains the design of a silver mirror suit performance.

Practicality of mirrored outfits for performances

 Of course the practical significance of mirror suits lies in their wide range of applications.  Unforgettable celebrations, banquets, themed parties are provided by glass outfit. That provide a truly wonderful mood before the start of the holiday for all those who arrive. It makes a strong impression with their surprise.  Or just imagine how many looks from passers will attract a street performer in the form of a living statue in a mirror suit!  Of course passers will definitely want to take a photo with the glass man.  In circus shows and theatrical performances, a costume is an indispensable attribute. And a mirror work suit will not only attract the attention of the viewer. But also keep it throughout the performance.

The convenience of mirrored outfits for performances on the streets and stage

 Of course our mirror costumes not only attract the viewer’s attention. It is also has an increased degree of comfort. Which has a positive effect on the quality and duration of your performance.  Nevertheless high quality fabric and special technology of gluing the elements of the suit create maximum comfort and freedom of movement.  When creating our broken mirror suits, we use high-quality and lightweight material that shines beautifully and is easy to clean.  Each detail in the development of a mirror suit is cut individually. It makes each outfit unique, inimitable and creates the effect of broken glass.  Of course elements of a glass working suit create an intriguing image, emphasize your creative individuality.

Size selection of the mirror suit

The glass outfit is made taking into account your parameters. And combines all the features of your physique.  Of course we make mirror costumes of absolutely any size. We take into account all your wishes.  Our costumes are suitable for men and women. Emphasize the beauty and dignity of your figure, and, if necessary, hide flaws.

A mirror suit can not only create an impressive image for you. Reveal its inner content, but also contribute to the education of aesthetic culture, artistic views and taste of the audience.

You can buy a mirror suit online in the Etereshop online store at an affordable price.

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