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Who will mirror shoes suit?

Mirror shoes are quite extraordinary accessories. You are unlikely to see them on the street in everyday life.However, at a party or at the Burning Man festival, boots from the mirror will be a great addition to the image. Often mirrored boots are used by artists for performances on stage and productions of shows. Shoes create a disco ball effect due to the sunlight hitting the mirror, this attracts the attention of the guests.

What kind of mirror shoes are there?

The store presents not the mirrored boots themselves, but mirror armrests. They are more practical to use and there is no need to worry about the size and inconvenience of shoes. Since the decoys are universal and can suit several artists, which is undoubtedly an advantage for artists. They are attached over your shoes. Agree, it’s more hygienic than wearing someone else’s shoes. We make footstools of any length, from short boots to long boots. The store offers silver, gold and red colors of the mirror, but if you wish, we can make shoes of a different color for your suit.

How to take care of mirror shoes?

Mirror boots do not require special care. You can easily glue mirror parts, since we put a repair kit and instructions in the kit for any product, if suddenly your mirror flew off.

Customization of mirrored shoes

We can lay out any print from any color of the mirror, add chains and spikes, according to your wishes. If you want customized mirrored boots, write to the manager by email: sales@etereshop.com and he will help you to cope with your order.

You can buy boots from the mirror by placing an order on the website. If you have any questions or recommendations, contact our managers and they will make edits to the order.

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