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 Mirror Bodysuits for rave and dance shows

This product category includes mirror bodysuit costumes. Like many other ETEREshop products, they present a wide variety. The mirror does not scratch because it is much denser than glass. And it is significantly lighter, which is also an indisputable advantage. 

Mirror bodysuits are presented in the following variations:

– sexy mirror gold and silver bodysuits, that are partially embellished and have different shapes and additional features like chains, masks or overshoes.

– long sleeve sequin bodysuits that dissolve you in a festive light atmosphere

Unique dancing sparkly mirror bodysuits in gold, silver or pink colors

Sexy mirror bodysuits differ in the cut of the bodysuit itself, as well as in various options of mirror tiles. They can be round, square, in the form of triangles, hexagons, diamonds or broken glass. Costume options are available, from small corsets and open-back bodysuits to suits with shoulder pads and mini jumpsuits. The design of Dancing mirror bodysuits in such a way that you can move in them without any problems.

There are some models of mirror bodysuits with LEDs, and  in general there is an opportunity to add diodes.

Long sleeve sequin bodysuits for dancers

These unique mirror bodysuits are unisex in various sizes. Vary from sexy rave Cat-woman mirror bodysuits up to attractive black and gold long sleeve jaguar dancing costumes made of transparent fabric with gold mirror tiles. We use a Biflex fabric as the basis for all such suits. Biflex is a knitted fabric, used for sewing costumes for dancers, gymnasts, circus and figure skating costumes. It stretches in both directions and holds its shape perfectly.

Mirror bodysuit characteristics 

The base material of dancing mirror bodysuits is usually biflex, that perfectly scratches, and mirror parts are made of acrylic mirror. Mirror costumes vary in size from XS to XL. In addition, tailoring according to your individual sizes is possible. The color of the fabric can differ, the color of the mirror is gold/silver/pink or mixed. 

In addition, we suggest you take a closer look at the mirror accessories to your costumes. It can be high mirror overshoes with or without chain garters, detachable sleeves or any of your ideas. You can order any set of the mirror festival costume.

Acrylic Mirror – special requirements

We glue acrylic mirror bodysuit tiles to the fabric. A special glue is used, which is not afraid of moisture and temperature and securely holds the mirror material. And if you manage to separate the mirror tiles from the fabric, don’t worry. The repair kit has everything you need to glue it back.

How to wash mirrored bodysuits?

Mirrors at your rave dance bodysuit can get spotted with fingers sometimes, but you can clean them easily. Caring for such a mirror dance bodysuit is simple – wash the surface with warm soapy water and use a sponge or microfiber cloth. And then wipe dry. Each Mirror costume comes with detailed instructions and a repair kit.

How to buy a mirrored bodysuit for dancers ?

It’s easy – look at our mirror metallic bodysuits, contact the manager and order a new unique sparkling mirror costume for your new shows, and we will make it the way you want. Or even better!

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