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Stilt Walkers Costumes can be seen from afar 

If you want to make an impact on your public, to be visible from afar both in the light and in complete darkness, then you can’t do without a stilt walking costume with LED effects.The stilt walkers themselves are distinguished by their height and are clearly visible in performances and shows even at big stages.  Stilt walkers costume are great performers for street shows. So  stilt walking robots in LED costumes, with the ability to shine, shimmer and show various light and sound effects, are among unusual stage costumes.

Stilt walking costume with various LED effects 

Our LED Stilt Walkers Costumes have different density of LEDs.  We produced ones from 2000 up to 10000 LEDs. The higher the density of the LEDs, the more complex the effects can be created. At high LED density of the suit, you can display the logo and inscriptions. We program stilt walker robot costumes with various effects. And surely we can synchronize several costumes together. 

We will create various effects you need. In case you don’t know what exactly you desire, we can help and create light and sound effects for you. 

Configurations of LED Stilt Walkers Outfits

The Stilt walking robot suit includes one of the head variants – a LED helmet standard head or spherical head. The stilt walker costume is tight enough. So for comfortable work we install a special fan inside some of the helmets.

You can wash the LED stilt walking suit, all LED parts of the costume are removable. And if you have no desire to disassemble it, then dry cleaning is all right. There is just a jacket, pants and removable LED boards.

Time of working for Stilt Walking Suits

Working time of the effects is circa 2 hours with standard batteries. We pay your attention that we can not deliver batteries so it is up to you to have them.

Please, feel free to have a look at the suits we have already made and choose the one that suits best to your requirements. We made Stilt walking robot costumes both, in standard sizes or according to special measurements.

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