Mirror costumes

Mirror suit is a great way to surprise everyone at the event!

The suit not only looks amazing but is also comfortable to use. In a costume you can dance, play musical instruments, sing and have fun with everyone.

All clients

LED costumes

Become a star of the event!

Hundreds of LEDs will keep you from going out even if the lights go out, and the portable battery will provide a flawless and comfortable image without sticking out wires.

All clients

LED tools for big stages

Create an impression of uniqueness for the public!

Wings of a butterfly, a peacock’s tail or in an LED costumes will make you feel like a hero of a fairy tale.

All clients

Face masks

Create a delightful mysterious image!

Mirror and LED masks are suitable for “blowing up” any party. Convenient mounts allow you to move and dance freely.


They called from paradise, they lost an angel...

Light and airy angel wings? Or bright and epic butterfly wings? The choice is yours.

Photo zones

Even an ordinary photo seems unusual!

Portable LED photo zones will give you up to 2 hours of opportunity to take stunning photos.

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