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Elevate your style and embrace the vibrant energy of the disco era with our Mirror Men’s Jacket with Chameleon Effect. This rave mirror jacket will transport you back to the glitz and glamour of the dance floor, as its mesmerizing blue-green color shimmers and shifts like an enchanting kaleidoscope.

Are you ready to steal the spotlight and make a grand entrance? Our Disco Ball Mirror Jacket is the perfect choice for those who dare to be different and crave attention. The chameleon effect of the jacket’s color creates a captivating illusion, as it transitions between shades of blue and green with every movement. Prepare to turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

➨ How we can help you:

If you need something new and extraordinary for your show, concert or any other upcoming event, we are always ready to help.

Also you can come to us with an idea in your head or a rough sketch on a napkin and will turn your idea into reality, step-by-step approved by you from the stage of a sketch and up to the finished item. You’ll get a unique custom made costume, technical support and a great tool to make money with.

Watch a video with a rave mirror jacket:


Materials: plastic with the application of the film “scarab”, costume fabric
Size: customizable (XS, S, M, L, XL)
Weight: approx. 4 kg (depending on the size of the costume)
Color: scarab  (can be customized: pink/gold/silver/mixed)
Mirror tiles style: mazayka *can be customized
Washable: yes, you can gently wipe the mirrors
Gender: unisex
Time of work: unlimited (subject to correct and carefull usage)
Production time: 3 weeks

➨ Why you need exactly these costume:

✔ High-quality acrylic mirror from Italy

Those mirrors only looks like a real mirror – but it is difficult enough to break or split it, weight is also much inferior to the real mirror, which makes it possible to wear a suit for hours

✔ Wide opportunities to use

Those mirrors reflect light very well, that’s why these scarab mirror jacket are suitable for any events. Mirror clothing can work day and night, also they are excellent for photo session. So, you can use in your performance stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight.

✔ Excellent investment

Disco ball mirror costumes look very impressive. These mirror suits don’t require maintenance and can work for a long time. All this time, they will bring you money.

✔ Personalization

We provide full personalization – size, design, mirror shape. Individualization in accordance with your wishes and desires gives you really good chance to show your personality.

✔ Safety for you and your audience

So, we use an acrylic mirror and cut it with a laser. We make sharp edges – round, so you can’t cut yourself with this mirror.

✔ New exclusive show for your audience

Also scarab mirror jacket from this mirror are very rare. With this silver mirror jacket you will be able to create an unique performance, gain an advantage over the competition and win new markets.

✔ Easy to use and repair

The base of the jacket is made up of two types of fabric – a breathable and flexible material that gives freedom for any movements and sufficient airing of the suit. Disco ball mirror jacket is very easy to repair, and everything you need can be found in Repair Kit, that comes with the jacket.

➨ Standard delivery set:

  1. Scarab Mirror Jacket
  2.  Repair Kit
  3.  Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading – if you pay by bank)

➨ Timings and shipping:

If we have rave mirror jacket on stock, normally, the processing of your order takes 3­-5 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
➊ Express Mail Service (6­-15 days)
➋ First class express shipping (3-­7 days / 310-­730 USD)
If you have an urgent order please contact with us and we will provide you cost with the fastest delivery option

➨ Important:

Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.

➨ Warranty:

Warranty ­30 days from the date of delivery. More information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.

This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

➨ How to place an order:

You can order this iteam here on our website by adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.


XS, S, M, L, XL


160 cm, 165 cm, 170 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm

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