How to repair Stand alone controller from digital LED wings

Good time for all :)
Few days before, we received message from one of our client. Customer sent us a photo of the controller, from which broke away the wire. This is controller from our Smart led isis wings: Di-led 165.

We try very hard - but they still break off.

We think - how to help? send back for repair - to expensive, shipping cost, in two side, start from 70USD. But controller price just 30 USD...

At the time the customer decided to order another controller, just in case :) This is good news for shipping company - because just they make some profit on order.

In any case, we decided to show our clients how to repair the controller. 
For work you need next equipment:
  1. Solder kit
  2. Wire cutter
  3. Parts from the repair kit (thermo-shrink tube)
  4. Lighter
  5. Glue gun
  6. Connecting scheme
Glue gun, lighter, wire cutter, controller for repair, wires and  multimeter
Soldering iron, solder and my favorite duck book
I take controller and broke away all wires
I do it very hard
Сut away the protective shell
This is controller with SD card holder, you can easy find USB connector, program button on board and micro SD card with holder.
Trim the ends of wires 
Сut off the shell
Here you can see connection scheme, all pins have numbers, for output, buttons and etc - board have different pins.
We lost all wires: buttons and data output wires. Button have two wires, there is no difference between them, and they can be interchanged. Data output wires have 3 channel:
  • Red wire - +5 Volt (powering controller)
  • Green wire - Data (send control signal to wings)
  • Blue wire - GND (powering controller)
First what you need - solder two wires(one from one button, second from another button) together to +5V solder point on control board.

Next you must solder other wires from buttons to pin 20 and 21 - in result 
Solder red wire to +5V and blue wire to GND
Green wire solder to pin number 2
How it look front
Сarefully bend the wire and placed a loop 
Glue wire
Carefully placed the SD card on the wire 
Dress Up thermo-shrink tube on the controller 
With a lighter heated up tube - and it will decrease in size
Cut a hole for the button
How it look from USB side
How it look from SD card side
As result we have full functional controller for wings, you can easy remote micro SD card, connect USB program cable and press program button.

This is short time lapse with my work:

Thank you for watching from all our team - ETEREshop!!!

P.S. Thank you Sabrina for motivation :):):)

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