ETEREshop LED Costumes: How we created an LED costume for dancers

Discover the world of ETEREshop LED costumes. Comfortable, and easily customizable – in online time!

Innovations in dancing light shows

Now light shows are not only in the air, but also on stage thanks to LED costumes from ETEREshop. These costumes for dancers combine technology with comfort.

From Idea to Implementation

The Beginning of Journey: ETEREshop’s initial LED costumes, designed for gymnasts, contained about 400 diodes. Over time, as demand and ambitions grew, costumes for dancers featuring more than 2000 diodes were created.



Costume ideas generated by the Midjourney AI

Second costume idea generated by artificial intelligence

Third costume idea generated by artificial intelligence

3D layout of LEDs on the upper part of the costume

3D drawing of LEDs, rear view

3D layout of LEDs in full height

Technological Leap

The new costumes utilize an improved LED strip that easily adheres to fabric. This significantly simplifies production compared to older methods where the strip was fastened with clamps.

Innovations and Their Implementation
Flexibility and Elasticity

A major challenge was maintaining the elasticity of the costume with a high density of diodes. The solution was found in precise calculation of the spacing between diodes before application, ensuring both flexibility and reliability.

Marking the placement of the LED strip on the fabric

Marking the placement of diodes on the costume fabric

 Layout and application of LED strip to fabric

Fabrics and Materials

Using two layers of Biflex material allowed for hiding wires between layers, improving both the aesthetics and comfort of the costume. Moreover, the lining can be washed by detaching it from the first layer.

The process of tailoring the costume

Costume manufacturing process

Solving Diode Issues

Initially, difficulties with the diodes’ functionality appeared due to their large quantity, but the problem was solved by using screened wires.

Innovation in design of the head of the costume

Developing a balaclava made of Biflex material with diodes on the face required a unique approach. The method of applying diodes was changed after the first prototype to achieve the desired visual effect. When making the balaclava on a mannequin proved unsuccessful, the beginning and end of the LED strip were drawn on the mask fixed on a table, and then, after putting it on a person, the remaining strips were drawn.

Using a mannequin for making the head of the LED costume

Adhering LEDs to the balaclava

Final version of the balaclava in the off state

Real-Time Control

A distinctive feature of ETEREshop’s costumes is the ability to control them in real time from a computer. This feature was adapted to specific customer requests.

Ease of Customization

Customizing the costumes requires no special skills – simply follow the straightforward instructions. If needed, ETEREshop’s managers are always ready to assist.

Online control of the costume from a computer

Antenna for communication with a computer for remote online control

Projecting effects onto the LED costume

Impressive Results

Each ETEREshop costume takes about 40 hours to make and 30 hours to test. A photo from a client’s performance in France can be found below.
ETEREshop LED Costume on Stage:

 Photo from mysticdfw at the performance Theater Basel

Photo from mysticdfw at the performance Theater Basel

Photo from mysticdfw at the performance Theater Basel

Reversible Costume: Next Level

ETEREshop recently received an order for a costume with diodes also on the back, doubling the number of diodes. As always, diodes were optimally angled in order to achieve the best possible effect.
ETEREshop’s LED Costume is a product of months of labor and hundreds of hours of effort. If you wish to astonish your audience with a unique style, contact ETEREshop to order your exclusive costume!
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