ETEREshop’s Innovation: Mirror Carousel Costume

ETEREshop’s mirror carousel costume blends fantasy with technology and embodies the essence of traditional carousels, transforming them into a moving work of art, as a standout piece among costumes for entertainers or festival costumes.

3D model of a carousel-style dress

3D model of a carousel-style dress with horses

Close-up of mirrored 3D horses in the CLO program 

Creation Process:
The origin of this costume began with an idea: recreating a real-life carousel. Despite several technical challenges, the ETEREshop team developed a plywood-based mechanism, crucial for the figures’ motion, which brings new perspective to Halloween costume ideas.

Paper prototype of a horse and cut-out mirror for this 3D model

Finished models of mirrored horses

Hook for attaching the horse to the skirt

  • Modeling Challenges: Finding a suitable horse model was not an easy task. It needed to be visually appealing and functional. After numerous trials, the team landed on the right solution.
  • Assembly and Functions: Our engineers require 12-16 hours for costume assembly in production, which includes wiring and controller installation. The costume can operate actively for over an hour, with the figures’ speed being user-regulated, a feature that distinguishes it among other Halloween costumes.
  • Material Selection: The team encountered difficulties in choosing materials and methods for their attachment. Selecting the optimal adhesive for plastic elements and methods for coloring beads required a creative approach.

Installation of a mechanism for moving the horses in a circle

3D model of a structure with moving elements

Attaching an iron holder for the horse

Attaching the top part of the skirt to the bottom part

Attaching the upper part of the skirt to the corset section of the costume

Attaching the corset section of the costume to the upper part of the skirt

Design in Detail
The final look is the result of attention to the smalest details: a combinatiom of colors, gold accent, and a black corset to emphasize the model’s waist.

3D model of a mechanism for moving elements on a ring

Test trials of attaching the mechanism to the corset

 Control mechanism for moving elements

Preparation and selection of mirrors for the product

Beads for the carousel dress skirt

Carabiners for attaching the structure with moving horses to the corset

Attaching beads to the skirt

Back side of the corset, view from the back

Button for controlling the speed of the horses’ movement

See the mirror carousel costume in action:

ETEREshop’s mirror carousel costume is a product of months of labor and hundreds of hours of effort. If you wish to astonish your audience with a unique style, contact ETEREshop to order your exclusive costume! Also, we invite you to learn more about the process of creating stage outfits in our other article.

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