LED Screen Purse

First Look at an Instagram LED Screen Purse

See how a fashionable accessory can promote your personal or company’s Instagram account and more.

New follower displayed on a LED Screen Purse online.

What we’ve done:

We’ve created a prototype of a LED screen 128*256 px purse connected to an Instagram account of a user/ brand.

The idea is to show growth of followers and likes count online right on your purse.

What we plan to do:

We plan to make it possible to link more accounts in social networks: Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and much more.


You can use the InstaPurse at parties, festivals and all kinds of activities where you communicate with lots of people who can become your Instagram followers.

Make fun and promote your personal or professional Instagram account at the same time.


  • Show any photos or videos you like.
  • Use the purse as an ordinary bag.
  • Customize size and shape of it.

Contact us to pre-order your InstaPurse.


Photo Report: ETERESHOP at London Edge Fashion Show
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