How we did it: White feather mechanical wings with LEDs

How we did it: White feather mechanical wings with LEDs

This time we will tell you about how we produced our large cosplay white feathers movable wings costume with LEDs, from ideas and sketches up to implementing the final look and manufacturing the costume itself.


From the very beginning...

We got an order from the customer to create movable white feathers wings with LEDs.
We have already created big black moving mechanical wings for adults, so this time we should add LEDs and change the color of the feathers.
Their main advantage is the opportunity fold or unfold them with the touch of a button, which is in your hands. The LEDs glow and allow you to remain visible in the dark.

Large cosplay white feathers movable wings costume with LEDs attract attention on stages of all sizes, including nightclubs or open-air settings during dance shows, meeting guests, and positing near photo zones. With ETEREshop mechanical wings with LEDs you will have enough time to run your show, as they work 2 hours on batteries. If you want to increase working time we can add additional batteries on your request.

See how we created large white feather mechanical wings with LEDs:

First stage of work – looking for ideas and insights

ideas-moving wings for adult
First stage of work – looking for ideas and insights
We have great experience in creating similar goods of different shapes for adults

After collecting a number of ideas we created a rough sketch of the adult mechanical movable feather wings costume with LEDs.

A rough sketch of the big mechanical wings with the placement of LEDs:

Second stage of the work – creation of a programmed prototype of a backpack and a frame

Second stage of the work – creation of a programmed prototype of a backpack and a frame
A frame should be light and easy to use

We have developed 3 designs for large mechanical feather wings with LEDs for the customer to choose from.

A preliminary sketch (shape 1)
Preliminary sketch (shape 2)
Preliminary sketch (shape 3)

The client selected the first option. So we started to develop a detailed sketch.

The final design of an individual large mechanical suit with the size of feathers

The third stage of the work is the assembly of the structure in the Fusion 360 program

The frame of a giant moving mechanical angel costume is made of feathers assembled with Fusion 360 software
Assembling a 3D model of white feather wings
Software assembly is done in Fusion360

Stage four is producing a metal frame of the backpack

We ordered the frame of the backpack according to the patterns prepared in advance. During the work, the backpack received some changes. To make it more rigid we made a few holes for linear fasteners. Thanks to the metal frame of the backpack, the load is distributed evenly throughout the whole product.

Front view of the backpack metal frame
the base-of-the-backpack-side-view-for-fixing-huge-wings
Side view of the backpack metal frame

The metal structure is specially designed so that you can effectively open the construction for your performance or fold for more convenient movement.

When the frame for is ready, we started fastening feathers to the frame. After a huge amount of trials and errors, we made a backpack that fit snugly and tightly to the back and could support their weight.

Feathers are fragile, the fastening should be durable and reliable
The final design of the backpack

Stage five is development of the software model of the base and its attachment to the backpack.

Software model of the base of the movable construction
Ready-made base for a large white mechanical wing made of feathers

After that we developed method of components fastening 

Artificial feathers for mechanical wings
Each artificial feather has its own fabric pocket

Using the sketches, we began to glue the feathers along the folds of the fabric to minimize the white feather breaking. 

Fixing feathers on the frame of huge cosplay white feathers mechanical wings costume
Large white mechanical wings costume with glued feathers

The final, sixth stage of the work – adding LEDs and testing of the costume

200 LEDs have been added to the top of the huge cosplay white mechanical  feather wings costume, which allows you to be seen in the dark.

The 200 LEDs on the upper part glow and make them visible in the dark.
Ready moving large suit wings with LEDs

See how impressive the white mechanical feather wings look on stage. We used 200 LEDs to make them glow and radiate. And the backlight makes the performance more vivid and fascinating. At the same time, these big mechanical feather wings for adults make the performing actor soft and magical.

So if you need something unique for a party or a special event with development of a bright and one-in-the-world costume – just contact our managers to get any costume or element you like. Just remember that cosplay costume can be personalized up to your needs: color, size, feathers, and additional accessories.

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