How We Made a Black Mirror Bodysuit with Golden Chains

How We Made a Black Mirror Bodysuit with Golden Chains – by ETERESHOP

In this article, we will show you all the steps for making one of the popular bestsellers, a black mirror bodysuit and a hat decorated with golden mirrored tiles and golden chains.

Have a look at how sexy and gripping this black and mirror costume has become:


How the Idea of ​​Creating a New Stage Costume was Born

Etereshop designers have a lot of ideas. Besides we have gone through various fashion shows in order to get fashionabale trends and be inspired by talented and well-known desiners. Often we combine and transform out experience and new ideas into original costumes, like this one. We were inspired to create such a costume by the following interesting designs and fashionable clothes.

pattern on the bodysuit
We liked the pattern on the bodysuit and we kept the idea for inspiration
stylish combination of a practically hidden bodysuit, with long arms and a covered face.
A stylish combination of a practically hidden bodysuit, with long arms and a covered face. And the matching long-brimmed hat looks very impressive.
А bodysuit with long gloved sleeves and leopard pattern
А bodysuit with long gloved sleeves and leopard pattern. Ahem. Need to think!
Another catwalk look is a combination of the geometry of golden and black stripes.
Another catwalk look is a combination of the geometry of golden and black stripes.
The hat with chains looks interesting.
The hat with chains looks interesting.
idea in combination with a blue wide-brimmed hat and embellishments in the chains of stones.
Here is a great idea in combination with a blue wide-brimmed hat and embellishments in the chains of stones.

From the Sketches to the Final Costume

Designers offered several costume sketches to choose from. Marketers conducted a study, the choice was made in favor of the last sketch.

This combination of lines and elements already exists in our other suits. That is why we opted for something new.
The leopard pattern is good, but we decided that there was little novelty in it
the idea-for-creating-a-sexy-female-costume
We carried out a marketing analysis and realized that the 3rd sketch would be in demand.

Look at the render with a 3D model in a black bodysuit with mirror patterns.

Find out in the article why we use 3D modeling and how it will help you.

So we decided to create an outfit, consisted of several separate elements:

  1. Black high collar bodysuit with long sleeves.
  2. Gloves with golden nails or claws.
  3.  The claws with the hanging pendants.
  4.  The stiletto shoes.
  5.  The wide black and gold brimmed hat with chains.

Elements of the future black and golden mirror bodysuit

After some inspiration and brainstorming the ETEREshop designers idea was to create a black turtleneck bodysuit with long sleeves. Black color was chosen as a base color of the costume. It looks great and suits many other additional elements and colors. Golden color of mirrored tiles was a good combining partner for the black base fabric. 

Black velour was chosen as the main fabric for the costume. It is beautiful and pleasant to touch.

A black velour fabric was chosen as the basis of the costume
the idea of the mirror shape
The smaller the mirror element, the more complex patterns can be created. The shape of the mirror tile has been chosen, the edges are rounded.

The Bodysuit layout and golden mirrored tiles cutting

Tailoring the bodysuit consisted of three main stages. The first two stages are the creation of a template with a mirror layout. Actually tailoring body from velour. The third stage is the gluing of mirror tiles to the fabric.

This is what the cut of the bodysuit looks like along with places for recursive tiles
We sew all the parts and the body is ready.
We fix all the mirror tiles with super glue. We experimented with glue for a long time. It was important for us that the mirror was very stable on the fabric.

Producing of gloves and claws of the mirror costume

The most accurate and precise thing about making gloves, or rather claws, is to make them look organic, not intimidating, but noticeable. And that the models were comfortable enough to use them.

And the claw after the experiments looks like this. But each finger has its own size.
The claws are made in the form of cones of golden mirror tiles.
We used the same black velour fabric for the gloves. Golden chains will hang from the very ends of the claws. We glue the chain with super glue. The optimal length of the chain, in our opinion, is 15 cm.

Producing of the wide brimmed hat with chains

First, we made a mockup of a hat out of cardboard. Hat brim diameter is 56 cm, cylinder height is 8 cm. The girth of the hat is 173 cm.

Chain pitch is 1.5 cm with the chains of different length.We experimented with length a lot. You can make the chains shorter, but place them tighter on the brim. We used the wider pitch option and made the chains longer. Chains should be very thin and light. Thick chains could add weight to a product. And the model woild have a very hard time in such a hat.

Sketch of a hat with a mirror pattern
The layout of the mirror on the hat
The layout of the mirror on the hat
Prototype of a hat
We sat a prototype of a cardboard hat to understand how it would look on the head. Then we will make a hat out of EVA and sheathe it with black velour.
Gluing mirrors on the hat according to the sketch
Gluing mirrors on the hat according to the sketch and adding chains
ready-made mirror hat with chains
The black hat with golden mirrored tiles and golden chains is ready.

Golden Mirror Shoes Manufacturing

To make the shoes, we took the model of over the knee boots. But we need to make the toe more sharp and pointy and shorten the tops. We used eva to point the toe part. Then sewed them with black velour. It was important that the shoes would be tight enough not to fall off. 

After that, we applied gold mirror ties and fixed the gold chains.

These boots were taken as the basis for future shoes for this stage costume.
a sketch of the overshoes with the layout of the mirror
Have a look at a drawing of shoes with mirror tiles. The toes of the ankle boots were lengthened by 1.5 cm to be sharper. In the process of finalization, the height of the decoys was increased to 25 cm from the heel.
gluing mirrors on boots
The process of applying and gluing gold mirror tiles to our shoes.
Boots with a mirror pattern
The shoes after fixing the golden mirrored tiles on them
Boots with a mirror pattern and chains
We attached gold chains to the braid in the upper part, 6 pieces of chains of 31 cm on one side and 4 on the other.


Accuracy is required at the each stage of work, to ensure that every element of the costume is securely sewn, fastened, and that the mirror tiles are firmly attached to the fabric. In the result we’ve made a very sexy, unusual and seductive stage costume.

Sexy bodysuit with gold chains and hat

See the mirror bodysuit with hat and chains in action:

If you want to order and purchase this suit or make a new one with your own ideas, please contact our managers e-mail: sales@etereshop.com. They will answer all your questions and help you choose a new stage costume for your show!

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