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LED Wings – high show standards

In this article, we will tell you what LED wings are, what they are made of, what they can reproduce and how they are controlled. And remember that we can always do more than the examples presented here.

Light up costumes for dance or circus performances can be made in the form of angels, butterflies or fairies. In addition, we have made glowing wings of different sizes, from small to giant, so that your big led wings with logo can be noticed even on the huge stage.

Big LED Angel Wings 

Luminous angel wings add to the effect of your show. Now you have not just a beautiful image in the form of an angel, but the ability to shine and shimmer and  to create rainbow light effects overflow. Now you will effectively perform in complete darkness. And you will be visible in open areas. LED lights are noticeable and emotional. 

Professional led angel wings costumes are suitable for masquerade balls, costume parties, children’s parties, carnivals, Christmas, Easter or any other parties.

Big Pixel Angel Wings with LEDs

Made of 11 layers of polyethylene foam with 100 light diodes in each wing this cosplay outfit has 4 meters or 13 feet in size. Operating time is  approximately 2 hours with several possible variants: stand-alone, remote control, DMX switching.
Addressable diodes are used here, so it is possible to create any lighting effects. That is why you can compose multiple looks onto these big glowing angel wings.

Light Up Wings – construction

This costume is made in the form of ordinary, non-foldable big light up wings. There are easy fabric strips for light led wings to fasten them on shoulders and on the waist. Besides, there are special finger fasteners in order to lead them as you wish. Move your glowing wings like real ones and transport them without difficulties thanks to ergonomic construction and their light weight.

LED Butterfly Wings 

You can diversify show costumes with led butterfly wings. They are perfect for all kinds of festivals, carnivals, dance parties, circus shows or for casinos and nightclubs. And supplemented with LEDs, these luminous suits have an additional opportunity to be visible and noticeable.

Butterfly Mirror Wings with LEDs

Glow like a large silver butterfly and add mirror sparkles to the party. These patterns are beautifully emphasized by the LED strip, which makes the led large wings a unique outfit, as well as a perfect image for a photo zone. 

Combine them with different outfits and accessories to get several looks. This costume is produced from fabric and acrylic mirror. Shoulder wire frame is used to fasten the light up butterfly wings to the body. Up to 944 light diodes are used for different effects. Operating time is approximately 1 hour, the time can be increased if nedeed. 

LED Screen Big Butterfly Wings for texts and logos

Big double-sided LED logo screen wings with text can be one of the most attractive accessory of your show. Light up effects will underline your dance performance and will catch everyone’s attention and look great on photos and videos. Big led logo wings are light screens: which in turn gives you endless possibilities for different effects. Use your imagination and put a logo, moving titles or various images. 

LED Screen Wings Costume – construction and options

The whole costume consists of two screen led wings and a backpack. A metal structure is hidden in the backpack, and boxes and controllers are in the pockets on it. 

There are 2 options – one-sided and two-sided light up large wings. You can see the image on one side of them or from both sides. Manifold effects can be programmed to please everyone. And do not forget to add all kinds of accessories – and every time your costume will play in a new way. It can be hats,  LED head screens, mirror shoes, a LED-dress or any of your ideas.

LED Fairy Wings for adults

Costumes with glowing fairy wings look great at any holiday show. To diversify your performances, take a closer look at such led costumes. This image can be made fabulously tender, or it can be turned into an unexpected freak for witch parties.

Made from many layers of polyethylene foam and led lights the costume has 2 working hours. Addressable diodes are used here, so it is possible to create any lighting effects.

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