SMART LED Bellydance Rainbow Silk Veil 300LEDs

SMART LED Bellydance Rainbow Silk Veil 300LEDs


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➨ Overview:

SMART LED light silk belly dance veil – i is a revolutionary product in the field of oriental dance, excellent professional solution for solo work. LED bellydance veil has a very light weight, very sturdy and simple in using. In spite of simple construction, LED veil is bright enough for working on large stages. This model can have 300 super bright LEDs. Material of the light up veil – silk, veil size 250*114cm.

➨ Why you need exactly these led veils:

✔ Full control of each individual LED
This allows you to create any lighting effect. Choose colors for your costume or corporate colors of the event. Choose a tempo effects and more. All this will allow you to easily create a unique dance.
✔ Stand-alone work mode
Independent mode does not require a computer or other control devices for work. You just need to run the program and it will work.
✔ Small buttons for switching effects
Only 2 small buttons for changing effects. One button – the next light effect, the second button – the previous light effect.
Ergonomic design
LED silk veil have 2 pockets for the 2 battery boxes, so you don’t need to think where put them.
Maximum convenient location. Buttons places near pockets, so if needed buttons can be hidden into pockets.
For one led light up veil we use 300 super bright LEDs with a total capacity of about 2,5 watts.
Highest quality
We use own produced led thread with high-quality wire MGTF and fully handmade production. These wires don’t break after bending, and hand soldering quality – much higher than the robots work.
Real silk veil from China
We are buying the basics for light up veils in China. LED silk veil has size 59×45 inch (250*114cm).
Full compatibility with real time PC control by Madrix
If necessary, the controller can be used in complex solutions. It can be used with computer control. This may be a Madrix software or similar products for managing digital LEDs.
✔ You can manage up to 3000 LEDs
We have different models of corsets and costumes. But if you have a unique project – the one controller is able to control even 3000 digital LEDs.
✔ Compatible with control protocols DMX, ArtNet, MIDI
If you already have a computer control system for lighting effects – you do not need to buy a new one for our corset. You can use your software – our controller can be easily integrated into your control system.
✔ After-sales service
Stable technical support is always ready to help you with any difficulties at any time. And in case of breakage we will help to repair all on the site or you can send LED light up clothing to us for repair.

➨ Standard delivery set:

1. LED Veil
2. Service and repair instruction (PDF)
3. Repair Kit
4. Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading – if you pay by bank)
5. Bag for transportation
6. Power system: charger and 4 batteries set – 2 main and 2 spare (optional)

➨ Timings and shipping:

If we have LED silk veils on stock, normally, the processing of your order takes 1-3 days, if you have urgent order – please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
➊ Air registered mail (5-30 days / 30 USD)
➋ Express Mail Service (5-14 days / 40-65 USD)
➌ First class express shipping (3-5 days / 100-150 USD)

➨ Important:

Batteries not included!
Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.

➨ Manufacturer:

Light solutions ETERE – “ETEREshop” tax number 192027659 Republic of Belarus, Brest. Manufactured in compliance with technical documentation of the manufacturer. This product is not subject to mandatory certification.

➨ Warranty:

Warranty – 3 days from the date of delivery. Because of low cost, we can not cover the shipping costs for returning or exchange the veil. But we check each veil before shipment, and will always help you with the repair. More information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.
This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

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