Smart LED Flyboard Water Suit Tron style

Smart LED Flyboard Water Suit Tron style


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New solution for Flyboard people – LED water suit with full color and fully managed LEDs – it provides you possibility to independently create huge variety of new effects. And help you to personalize LED flyboard costume exactly for you, for a particular event or client choice. This waterproof suit for water sports is very convenient and easy to use, don’t restrict movements and have only 2 buttons for changing effects (next and previous effect). Light weight (1,5 kg) and powered by a rechargeable batteries (Ni-mg 1.2 volt batteries 2700 mA/h) exclude problems with air travel. Optionally LED waterproof clothing can be easily controlled from PC.

➨ Why you need exactly this suit:

✔ Full control of each individual LED
LED water suit Trone style have about 300 full color LEDs and each LED can be controlled separately. This will give you an opportunity to create a new variety of effects.
✔ Personalization
The ability to create a wide variety of effects will allow not only quick and easy create a new show, but also personalize LED waterproof costume for any event. Fullcolor solution allows more complete using of the possibilities of the LED water suit.
✔ Best price
This water suit for flyboarding is the most affordable of all smart series.
✔ Tron style
Design of LED costume for flyboard Tron style based on the models of costumes from the movie TRON. That’s why this LED clothing will look good at a day and night time.
✔ Web interface for create own effects
All settings can be done in a web browser. This may be any operating system and any device. You do not need to install additional software or drivers – all for maximum usability.
✔ Stand alone controll system
Stand alone mode don’t require a computer or other control devices for work. You just need to run the program and it will work.
✔ Usability
This model has just 2 buttons (next and previous effect). Those buttons are very small and you can placed them near your hands, so it would be easy to change effects. Costume fabric is very flexible and does not restrict movements, therefore allows you to do any tricks.
✔ Light weight
We using a super light multifilamentary aviation wires and the new technology of soldering, that greatly facilitates the weight of the LED water suit.
✔ Easy traveling
Power supply by a rechargeable batteries exclude problems associated with rules of air travel.
✔ Full compatibility with real time PC control by Madrix
If necessary, the controller can be used in complex solutions. It can be used with computer control. This may be a Madrix software or similar products for managing digital LEDs.
✔ After-sales service
Stable technical support is always ready to help you with any dificulties at any time. And in case of breakage we will help to repair all on the site or you can send the LED light up clothing to us for repair.

➨ Why buy from us:

◆ Power system. To protect the battery from the water in the LED suit for flyboarder we use a special waterproof bag. To replace the battery you don’t need to take off the LED underwater suit. The cover of a special waterproof bag is on the outside of the LED waterproof clothing. It is very convenient for a long show. Costume does not require special batteries. You can buy these batteries at your local RC shop.

◆ Fabric and sewing. We are making those LED waterproof suits with a special material – supplex. Light up flyboard costume is very flexible and don’t restrict movements. The costume can be a standard size (S, M, L, XL) or sewn on the body size of the customer.

◆ Quality. LED underwater suit designed in a way to withstand the shocks of the water. LED flyboard suit – waterproof and shockproof. LED costumes for water sport withstand jumping into the water from a great height.

◆ Customer service. We are always in touch with our customers. We are ready to answer all questions and solve any problems.

◆ Satisfaction garantee. In case of breakage of the LED waterproof clothing, we help to solve the problem at the place by yourself and eliminate the breakage or you can always send your LED costume for flyboarding to us for the overhaul.

◆ Distribution. Our official distributor is Simon Desira (Flyboard Malta). In occasion our products, you can contact the Simon.

➨ Save your money!!!

Pay 5% more – if you want to use PayPal
Pay basic price – by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or bank transfer

➨ Standard delivery set:

1. LED Suit
2. Extra waterproof box (optional)
3. + leds for half suit (optional)
4. full kit suit + box + leds + express shipping + 24/7 support + free parts exchange for 1 year (optional)
5. Repair kit

➨ Timings and shipping:

Normally, the processing of your order takes 5-20 days, if you have urgent order please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
• Express Mail Service (5­-14 days / 75 USD)
• First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 180-350 USD)

➨ Important:

Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.
The battery is not included in the base. You can buy batteries at you local supermarket
You will need Ni-mg 1.2 volt batteries 2700 mA/h type AA.
!!!Expressly forbidden to use any batteries that are not mentioned in this instruction, it may withdraw the product from the system without possibility to repair!!!


Light solutions ETERE ­ “ETEREshop” tax number 192027659 Republic of Belarus, Brest. Manufactured in compliance with technical documentation of the manufacturer. This product is not subject to mandatory certification.

➨ Warranty:

Warranty ­30 days from the date of delivery. More information about warranty services and exchange you can find in the rules of our shop.
This product is on stock or is created for order. Contact your trade manager to clarify the time of production.

Weight4 kg

LED suit, extra waterproof box (+$119.00), extra leds for half suit (+$360.00), express shipping (+$240.00), full kit suit + box + leds + express shipping + 24/7 support + free parts exchange for 1 year (+$717.00)


L, M, S, XL, XXL


160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190

Payment options

Bank transfer, Credit card (+3%), PayPal (+4%)


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