How to resolder wire or change leds on SMART LED light up rainbow isis wings

Good day my friends
I continue to write a series of articles on repair our favorite wings.
We sell a lot of them and they periodically break. Some customers are changing to new - and some repairs yourself. For them, we are doing all of these instructions.

Smart led light up rainbow isis wings in action
As usual, after the failure, we ask the client to send the video to a malfunction. And the customer sent to us this video:

In this video we can see that part of the wing is operating normally and the other part is not. We see the light noise. This item 3.1 or 3.2 of the repair manual on first look. Because the working part of the wing, and the other part is not working.

3.1 - Damaged control wire between the two LEDs.
3.2 - LED factory defect - and he stopped to send a control signal to the next LED.

We first consider Paragraph 3.1

Firstly turn on wings
Try to find the last normal working LED in the chain
After the last working LEDs we found broken wire
Sometimes it can be a broken wire inside the containment, but it can be pulled out and wire will come out
For fix you need some soldering equipment and parts from repair kit
You need next equipment for work:
  • Solder iron
  • Solder
  • Wire cutter
  • Repair kit

Separate LEDs on the wing
You see the LED in the containment
Carefully cut off the shell
Like this
Touch a soldering iron to the shell and heat the glue inside
When the glue is warmed up, it will become soft - just pull the shell down
Cut shell remnant
From torn wires must be removed shell and prepare it for soldering
Add at the end of the solder wire
Like this
Locate the LED leg without wires
Attach the wire to the prepared leg of the LED
And solder it

Everything is ready - you need to restore the protective shell
Cut one of the wires in the middle
Prepare the ends of the wires to solder - as we did above
Take the protective cover from the repair kit
Add solder to ends of wires
Like this
Use shells, big for leds and small to cover wires
Solder two wires together - as it was before
Like this
Repeat for the second wire
Repeat the same for the third wire
Use the glue gun and Apply glue to the place of soldering
Like this
Pull the protective cover on the glue
Repeat this for all three wires
Use a soldering iron to heat up the protective shell
Take a large protective shell
And pull it to the LED
Use a glue gun and Apply glue inside the containment
From one side
From second too
Like this
Use the plastic mounting of the repair kit, and attach the LED at its original place
Like this
Cut the rest by cutters
After connecting, we see that both sides of the wing work
Next consider Paragraph 3.2

The main difference is that you need to replace the LED. Sometimes factory marriage, and it can only be replaced.
Usually need to replace a malfunctioning first LED in the chain, but if that does not work you need to replace the last well-functioning LED.
The first stage is to remove the protective cover from the LED. Do it just like we described above.
LED connection circuit
It is very important - do not mix up the order of connection, be very careful and do everything strictly according to instructions or circuit diagram.

That's what you need from the repair kit
Take the prepared LED and see how it is soldered
Отрежьте ножки у светодиода как показанно на примере
Like this
Add solder to ends of  legs
Like this
Take two LEDs so that the procedure for connecting the same (black dots inside the LEDs must be at the top)
Unsolder first wire and solder it to the same place, but the new LED
Like this
Repeat with the next wire
Like this
And also with the third wire
And also with the last wire
Like this
After all this - you need to put on the LED protective cover and test - how to do this can see above

 We have completed the repair of torn wires, thank you for what you are spending your time on all this. You get a great experience and can correct such failure in the future on their own and very quickly.

That's how they look at work:

Thank you for reading from all our team - ETEREshop!!!

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