How we did it: 3 custom-tailored outfits for Mrs. America pageant

How we did it: 3 custom-tailored outfits for Mrs. America pageant

One of our company’s specializations is making a wide range of custom-made cosplay costumes, led and mirrored custom dresses for different kinds of performances, shows, art events, music or dance festivals, parades, and even for beauty contests. So today, we would like to highlight the process of creation of three stunning custom-tailored outfits for Mrs. America and Miss America pageants. You’ll be able to see the whole process of production, from the first sketches to the ready costumes, and the way they looked on the gorgeous beauty queens during the contest.


The right company to bring your ideas to life

Having received three exciting orders for custom-tailored cosplay costumes for Mrs. America and Miss America pageants, made us both feel a bit proud and thrilled. And no wonder why! It’s always a great pleasure for our company to get requests for large-scale and prestigious events. It gives the feeling of satisfaction from the fact, that ETEREshop’s products are well-known and recognized throughout the world. And it makes us feel even prouder, when prominent persons rely on our company, especially if it goes about milestone events in their life or career. 

We know how difficult it can be to find the right company to bring all your ideas to life and reflect your unique style and individuality in a single outfit, while keeping up with the budget and deadlines. As for ETEREshop, we have never been afraid of challenging orders, which can be proved by the growing number of our clients, choosing us as a reliable partner and manufacturer of custom-made outfits for special events.

See how we created custom outfits

Custom-made LED Flamingo cosplay costume

The first request came from a stunning Floridian beauty queen, who wanted to create a custom-made pink flamingo cosplay costume, which is considered to be a native bird to Florida. As graceful, delicate and unique as the bird is, so should be the outfit for the beautiful lady. Alongside with the request we’ve received a sketch of the costume and reference pictures.

Сustom costume reference for Miss America
Pink flamingo costume - client’s sketch

Making custom outfit sketches

After collecting all the requirements, we immediately started to create our own sketches. Usually we make several variants for consideration. As soon the client chooses the most appropriate one, we get down to the details and put the finishing touches on the sketch.

Cosplay Custom LED flamingo outfit sketch, approved version

Prototyping in CLO

The next step is a 3D protype of the cosplay costume in CLO (fashion design software). One of its greatest features is a possibility to visualize the design, so that our customers can get a full understanding of how their costume will look like in reality.

Selecting the materials

One of the important things is to choose the most suitable materials for the costume and negotiate them with the customer. 

For the LED cosplay flamingo costume, we’ve selected a dozen of feathers samples of different sizes and shades of pink.

Selection of pink feathers for custom-made LED flamingo costume

Only after defining the right shade for feathers, we started to look for a perfect fabric match. It’s much easier to match the color of fabric to feathers than the other way round.

Making the sewing patterns

The sewing patterns are made precisely according to the measurements provided by the client.

Custom-made flamingo costume pattern
Custom-made flamingo over knee boots patterns

Sewing and decorating the cosplay costume

After the bodysuit is sewn, it’s handmade decorated with feathers and “pearls”. One by one each feather is carefully attached to the fabric. The LEDs are hidden under the feathers’ layers to create a tender glow.

Layering the feathers and decorating them with beads
Custom-made flamingo costume decoration
Over knee boots for the beautiful flamingo

Head piece creation

As the base for the head piece we take a textile headband, color it with pink acrylic paint, glue feathers and decorate with beads. Additionally, we glue “teeth” to its reverse side, so that it sits firm on the hair and doesn’t fall.

Headpiece production

Custom-made cosplay LED Flamingo costume - final look at Mrs. America pageant

The most rewarding thing for us is to see such fabulous pictures of our clients in custom-tailored costumes by ETEREshop!

Mrs. Gabriela - Mrs. Florida American 2021, in custom-made LED flamingo costume by ETEREshop

Custom-made cosplay Tree Body costume

The second order came from a dazzling beauty from sunny Florida as well. Her wish was to create a custom-made Orange Tree Body costume. Since the orange tree is one of Floridian symbols, the costume should represent the candidate’s belonging to the state of Florida.

Tree body costume – client’s reference

Making Orange Tree body costume sketches

We’ve prepared several sketches for the approval and agreed on the following one.

ETETEshop’s custom-made Orange Tree costume sketch

The agreed version consisted of a golden mirrored bodysuit and an “orange tree” fixed in a backpack.

Prototyping the mirror bodysuit

The mirror bodysuit with transparent straps is made from a black biflex fabric.

The next step is to make the pattern. 

Patterns of bodysuits for the custom order

As soon as it’s ready we start sewing the bodysuit.

Bodysuit for custom-made Body Tree costume

Since our bodysuit will be decorated with mirrored pattern, we first need to make the drawing of the mirror for its further laser-cut.

The layout of the mirrors for the bodysuit
Laser-cut mirror for bodysuit

As soon as the mirror is cut, we start to glue it piece by piece onto the bodysuit, turning it from total back into shining golden apparel.

From black to gold – custom-made bodysuit for Body Tree costume

Orange tree creation

The process starts with selecting the desirable materials and coordinating them with the customer.

Decorative orange for custom-made Orange Tree
Decorative blossom for custom-made Orange Tree
decorative leaves
decorative leaves for custom-made Orange Tree

The most challenging thing here was to find the appropriate type of wire for the branches. We have tested several samples to choose the most suitable diameter and bending capability.

Decorative leaves on a wire for a custom suit

Next thing was to make 20 wire branches, forming boughs and twigs, and cover them all with green tape. The branches are tied up with the help of jaws and drill. The green décor was first separated into single leaves, and then randomly glued onto the branches to reach more natural look. As a finishing touch, we’ve added oranges and blossom.

frame from-decorative-leaves-for-a-custom-suit
Frame of tree costume from decorative leaves for a custom suit

Backpack design

The backpack is necessary to hold the orange tree and hide all the connections.

Backpack frame for fixing tree on the back

The backpack’s base is made of wire and then covered with faux leather. The shoulders are covered with tubular PE foam and satin, so they do not hurt while wearing.

Ready-made backpack for fixing the "Orange tree" on the back

Custom-made cosplay Body Tree costume - final look at Mrs. America pageant

Just look at this sparkling beauty!

Mrs. Brittany - Mrs. Florida America 2021, in custom-made Body Tree costume by ETEREshop

Custom made cosplay Water Queen costume

The third costume we’ve made was ordered for ravishing Miss Florida America 2021. She’d like to create a costume of a fabulous Shell Goddess coming out waves and seafoam, and representing beautiful Florida beaches.

Reference custom-made costumes pictures from the client

Prototyping custom-made Water Queen costume

Our Water Queen costume consists of a cup bodysuit with a train, and a large open shell fixed at the back.

3D sketch of the custom-made Water Queen costume by ETETEshop
3D sketch of the custom-made Water Queen, back view

See 3D prototyping of a custom water queen costume in CLO

Sewing and decorating the bodysuit

As soon as the sewing pattern is ready and the fabric is agreed upon, we can sew the bodysuit. As a decoration for the bodysuit we used several types of pearl beads and sequins. 

Water Queen bodysuit
Bodysuit "Water Queen"
Water Queen body suit decorated with beads and sequins

Creating the shell

We start with prototyping the shell in CLO. Then we make the pattern and sew the shell from organza fabric.

Prototype of a shell in clo
Shell frame prototype in CLO
Prototype-of-a-shell in-СLO
Sewing pattern for the shell

The shell has ribs made of wire, so it can hold a particular open-shell form. In order to create a pearly brilliance effect, we’ve added shades of white and ombre with special spray paint. Additionally, we’ve placed LEDs alongside the wire guides and decorated the shell with pearl beads and sequins.

Sewing the train

The train is made of two layers of organza fabric and decorated with “seafoam” out of tulle.

A plume for a custom water queen costume

Custom-made cosplay Water Queen costume - final look at Mrs. America pageant

Looks like real Sea Goddess, doesn’t she?

Custom-made Water Queen costume
Miss Lindsey – Miss Florida for America 2021

We’d like to thank once again our gorgeous clients for having chosen ETEREshop to make their wishes and ideas come true! 

If you’d also like to express your individuality and unique style with a help of custom-made costume, feel free to contact ETEREshop! Our team of professionals will definitely find the way to implement your ideas into an exclusive custom-made outfit.

See the wide range of products we make HERE.

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